Akatu - The Truth About Prayer

Beloved Friends Of Light!

Each Of You Longs For Something, Asks For Something And Has Felt Grateful For Something Or Someone!

In These Moments Of Sharing, We Will Focus On The Meaning Of Prayer.

What Is The Truth About Praying? How Are Prayers Answered? Why Are Some Not?

Does Religion Teach You To Ask And Receive? Why Is This Not Always The Outcome?

Beloved Sananda From Merope That Lived As Jesus Of Nazareth, Was One Of Many God Realized Beings On Earth From The Higher Realms.

Arriving To Teach Sacred Love In A Waking Dream Where Communication Was Person To Person And Inconceivable To You Now With Instant Communication Around The Planet On Many Devices.

Basco, (Indeed) In The Higher Realms, We Share Communication In Ways You Cannot Comprehend Until You Shift And Remember! Telepathy, Encoding, Bi-Local Abilities, Communication With Animals, Plants, Trees, Fairies, Crystals And More Will Be Yours Again! We Speed Through Light Years As We Breathe One Breath. We Are Love With The Power Of Light! (ELAKO).

Knowing That All Life Is Created By One Loving Source Of Intelligence That Does Not Move Because You Have An Opinion, Might Lead You To Wonder How Prayer Works, If At All.

Many Of You Have Begged And Pleaded For Certain Outcomes And Your Religions Have Led You Into Bewilderment As You Followed All The Rules And Had The Same Outcome As One Without Any Beliefs!

You Live In An Infinite Field Of Possibilities. You Might Call This The Quantum Field, The Mind Of God, Source Or Your Name Of Choice. You Are Alive Because Of This Great Consciousness. All Activity That Unfolds Has A Ripple Of Matching Frequency And Responds And Returns To You!

The Great Masters Of All Ages Understood This Truth And Awareness Of Prayer. As Sananda Walked The Earth As Jesus, He Taught This Meaning Of Prayer As He Walked Dusty Roads With Only Love And Compassion. He Did Not Arrive To Start A Religion. He Came To Teach All Beings That They Were Part Of The One Creator That Lives Within All. After Departing To Merope As Many Plans Were In Place To Kill Him, He Left Behind His Teachings And Many Scribes Scratched His Words Into Tablets Of Stone And Parchment.

Rulers In Ancient Dreams, Such As Emperor Constantine, Removed Over 40 Books Of What Became The Bible. These Were Edited And Many Words Were Changed. Fear Based Teaching Was Added For Control And The Watered Down Version Depicted Many Words Not Spoken By Jesus.

The Lost Gospel Of Thomas Was One Such Writing That Changed Everything. His Words Of Truth Were Changed To Such A Degree That The Entire Meaning Was Lost!

Here Lies The Confusion About Prayer!

Let Us Begin.

In The King James Version, John 16-23: ‘Ask And You Will Receive.’ ‘Whatever Ye Ask The Father In My Name, He Will Give It To You.’ ‘Ask And You Will Receive And Your Joy May Be Full.’

In The Original Aramaic Text: ‘All Things That You Ask Straightly And Directly, From Inside My Name, You Will Be Given.’ ‘Ask Without Hidden Motive And Be Surrounded By Your Answer.’ ‘Be Enveloped By What You Desire That Your Gladness Be Full.’ (This Means Without Attachment To The Outcome.)

And Most Importantly: BE Surrounded In Knowing You Already Have Been Answered!

As Beloved Gregg Braden And Others That Understand By Personal Experience And Knowing The Truth Of The Quantum Field And The Mirror Of Vibrational Frequencies, The Truth Is That The FEELING Is The Prayer!

When The Heart Feels, There Is A Frequency. When The Mind Thinks, There Is Energy. This Creates A Force Of Electrical And Magnetic Waves That Produces Coherence And The Answer Is Manifested!

Aramaic: ‘When You Make The Two (Thought And Emotion) ONE, You Will Say To The Mountain Move Away. And The Mountain Will Move Away.’ ‘If The Two Make Peace (Thought And Emotion) With Each Other In This One House’… (YOU).

Believe It Is Done. Without Religion Or Dogma, Without Fighting Or Chaos, Find Your Soul!

See It As Already Done! Speak Your Prayer Of Intent. And Close The Prayer With Gratitude!

Aramaic: L’alam Al-mein. Amen.


I Love You So!