Akatu - Telepathy Belts

Beloved Friends Of Light!

Many Of You Long To Know What Sheen Will Be Like!

Many Aspects Of Choices And Abilities Have Been Covered And Will Be Again!

In This Small Moment, I Will Share A Wonderful Gift You Will Receive In Your Shift To Sheen!

Apparel Will Be Of A Great Variety With Colors, Fabrics And Designs.

All Souls Will Be Given Large Flat Wide Belts That Are Light As A Feather And Beautiful Like Jewelry!

These Belts Serve A Great Purpose But We Will Return To That!

Try To Get A Visual First That Will Allow You To Anticipate The Magic Of Your New Earth!

The Belts Are 4 Inches Wide And Are Placed On The Body From The Front Over Clothing.

The Material Is Soft And Sizes Will Fit Everyone. The Belts Are In Any Color Chosen And You Will Not Feel You Are Wearing Anything At All Around Your Waist.

There Are Small Crystals And Lights That Activate With Your Thoughts. Telepathy Will Return To You In 5-D, But This Is An Addition That May Be Chosen Or Not Worn At All. The Technology Allows Full Telepathic Communication On Crafts, Other Stars And With Family Members Or Friends!

Just As You Have Contacts In Your Phone Or Tablets, You Will Have The Choice To Add And Remove Communication As You Desire. Instead Of Calling On A Phone, You Will Lightly Touch The Small Light That You Have Programmed In Your Desired Communication. This Activates The Crystals And Your Thoughts Will Be Transmitted And Received By A Signal Which Activates Telepathy. Speaking In Words Will Be Infinite And Language Is Enjoyed And Important.

But Understanding Your Devices Are With You Continually On Earth Now, Will Allow You To Understand The Enjoyment And Ease Of Instant Communication!

Everyone Is Telepathic Now, But You Do Not Realize This As You Believe You Are Experiencing Your Own Thoughts!

Those That Have Communication With Their Guides Will Understand That Full Conversations Are Possible!

The New Earth Abilities And Gifts Will Be Amazing As You Fly In Body Form, Never Experience Illness, And Have Stamina And Strength With Beautiful Bodies And Healthy Minds!

Imagine Waking In The Morning And Placing Your Belt Around Your Waist. You Desire To Speak To A Friend From The Andromeda Galaxy To Invite Them For A Wonderful Meal. You Touch The Light And You Activate And Send Your Thoughts And Words As They Receive Them. The Higher Realms Are Telepathic Now And Need No Belt At All.

Those Starseeds That Choose To Travel Or Return To Their Origin Will Communicate With The New Earth, Crafts And Friends On All Stars Without Using The Belt. Telepathy Is A Natural Gift.

The Belt Will Assure Those That The Shift To Sheen Will Allow Both Privacy Of Thoughts And The Activation To Communicate With One Soul Or The Collective. There Is A Light And Crystal For The Corresponding Desire!

All Of This And More Is Prepared For Your Leisure And Enjoyment!

Indeed! (Basco!) I Want To Hear From All Of You! We Might Try The Collective As We Begin!

So Much Fun! So Many Great Things To Experience!

In Power And Light!

I Am AKATU! I Am The Designer Of The Belts! You Will Love Them!

I Love You So!