Beloved Friends Of Earth!

In These Moments Of Communication, We Will Review A Race That Lives With The Power Of Light. The GIBUMA Enjoy Upgraded Bodies With All Gifts That Come With This New Form. They No Longer Experience Death And They Live With Peace And Tranquility Following Visits From The Galactic Federation That Taught These Souls How To Serve The Light!

On A Star Called GIM, These Souls Once Struggled As Souls On Earth Experience Life. Living In Duality Brought Choices Of Destruction As Wars And Disease Brought Death To The Body. The GIBUMA Stand Ten Feet Tall With Smooth Silver Skin. Their Eyes Are Black And Circular. Their Lips Are Thin And Their Nose Is Large And Wide. These Souls Lived Four Hundred Years With Most Experiencing Misery And Anger. They Killed Others With The Projection Of Their Own Pain.

Souls Progressed With Massive Buildings, Homes, Art And Decor. Lacking Was The Innate Understanding That Peace Would Be Impossible Without Remembering Spirit. Teachings Were Not Gleaned From Ordinary Lives Of Chaos. Competition Led The GIBUMA To Self Destruct Even Further. A Sense Of Entitlement And Arrogance Filled The Lives Of Those Living On GIM. Assistance Was Greatly Needed And This Would Arrive On A Day Unexpected.

Animals That Resemble Horses And Dogs Were Enjoyed By Everyone On GIM. These Animals Were Pets And Much Larger Than Those On Earth. Games Were Created And Sports That Are Similar To Basketball On Earth Were Found To Be Favorite Pastimes. Boredom Came Easily And There Were No Apparent Answers For Such A Race Of Discontentment. It Was Time For A Visit That Would Change Everything.

As Children Played With Pets And Adults Discussed Their Next Party, Few Noticed The Lights In The Sky. As The Humming Became Louder, The GIBUMA Gathered In Disbelief. The Colors Were Mesmerizing As Motherships Landed. A Frequency Of Calm And Peace From Occupants That Raised Their Hands Was Delightful To All Beings Throughout GIM.

The Galactic Federation Had Power And Great Teachings Of Light. They Explained That Upgrades In Bodies Would Prevent Disease And Death. The GIBUMA Were Excited And Asked To Have This Gift Of Life. With Strong Arms Raised, Light Emitted From The Hands Of The Galactic Federation As Smiles Came To Those On GIM.

Animals Gathered And Received Light. Music Played And Peace Was Felt Truly For The First Time. Teachings Were Shared About Meditation And Communing With Spirit. New Technology Was Made Possible To Assist Those On GIM. Many Joined Ranks With The Galactic Federation Where They Serve As Junior Members. They Enjoy Family Crafts For Travel And Vehicular Crafts For Visiting Friends Close-by.

Homes Are Designed In Many Shapes And Levels. Pleiadians Brought Large Flowers Never Seen Before. Music With New Creativity Was Made Possible By Light That Permeated All Things.

Most Of All, There Is Peace And Great Unity Among The Souls Of GIM. Love Abounds With New Expansion Of Consciousness. These Souls Are Now Kind And Compassionate To All Life. Life Is Wonderful In Their Perspective!

The GIBUMA Will Be Great Friends To Those In Sheen. They Will Join You In The Creation Of An Infinite Galactic Civilization.

In Light, We Are One!

I Love You So!