Beloved Friends Of Creativity!
All Life On Earth Is Holographic In Nature. As You Allow The Perception Of Your Journey To Be A Beautiful Tapestry, Let’s Go Further And Explore Possibilities. Imagine That You Can Only See The Tapestry In Your Immediate Surroundings. Would It Be Possible To Perceive The Whole Design? I Will Tell You That The Power Of Visualization Will Bring Life To You In Many Ways. You Can Truly Experience Life In Other Densities As Belief Opens The Path To Perception.
Intention Is The First Step For Manifestation. Thoughts Are The Power That Will Draw Love Into Your Reality. Discovering That You Are Love Will Open The Floodgates Of Possibility. For Those That Seek Love In Another, Finding Love Within Will Draw Other Souls Into Your Story. Whether They Remain Will Not Be A Factor, For The Love Of Self Will Carry You Through Anything.
With Wars Raging, Find A Quiet Place And Meditate. Visualize Peace And What This Would Look Like In Your Own Life. Always Begin Here For Any Change Desired. See Green Grass And Colorful Flowers. See Sunny Days And Blue Sky. Imagine Children Running And Laughing. The More You Visualize, The Greater The Feelings Of Peace And Joy Will Cover You!
If You Are Sick Or A Loved One Has Issues, Visualize Yourself And All Others As Well And Strong. As You Imagine That All Of This Is True, It Will Be Done In Your Own Consciousness And Heart. From This Place, The Body Mind Connection Is Powerful And Each Cell Responds With Healing. Sending Words Of Love And Healing To Another With Actions Of Love Will Assist Them In Their Own Manifestations. Encourage Those With Illness By Applying The Power Of Visualization.
Believe In Yourself. You Carry The Creative Ability To Prosper And Thrive In This Chosen Waking Dream. You Might Experience Times Of Hardship And Lack, But Visualization And Belief Will Open Another Path Of Greater Opportunity. The Soul Understands This Well And Your Great Moments Are Always There To Be Discovered. Visualize The Greatest Outcome. Believe This Is Possible.
If You Feel Nervous Or Out Of Control, Stop And Breathe Deeply. Close Your Eyes And See Your Body Floating In Bliss. Smile No Matter What You Are Feeling. Continue With The Visualization And Know In Truth That The Body, Central Nervous System And All Cells React To Your Emotions. The Brain Reacts To Your Smile As Though You Are Happy. Your Entire Body Calms With Thoughts Of Relaxation. See Yourself In Visualization With The Outcome Desired.
You Have  The Power To Change Your Entire Life. Aligning The Personality With The Soul Assures The Best Outcome. But The Personality Is The Driver Until Alignment. Allow Visualization To Change Everything For The Better. There Is Always A Choice. Take The Next Best Step.
I Visualize That You Are Free, Healed, Whole, Light And Abundant Love. Visualize This With Me Now. I Will Meet You There! I Live In The Magnificent Tapestry Of Life With You!
I Love You So!