Akatu - Cosmic Consciousness And Infinite Awareness

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Tell You Often That You Are An Expression Of One Light!

Indeed, The Facet Of Light That Is Covered With A Temporary Identity Has Always Existed.

Before Your Creation In The Higher Realms, You Existed In A Template Of Sacred Light!

I Will Speak To You Concerning Your Connection To All Consciousness! Many Have The Understanding Of Their Own Consciousness Without Knowing You Are Part Of One Divine Consciousness.

You Have Arrived On Planet Earth By Divine Design. There Are No Accidents And Your Worth Is Beyond What You Know In These Moments!

Your Purpose Has Nothing To Do With Your Ego, Your Looks, Your Friends, Your Health Or The Number Of Years Or Minutes That You Spend In The Earth School.

You Arrived To Transcend The Identity And Expand In Consciousness. The Perceived Problems And Obstacles Are There To Assist You!

So, Let’s Relax And Take A Deep Full Breath!

As You Discover Throughout Your Dream, Thoughts Never Stop. The Endless Cascade Of Stories You Put Together Are An Illusion. Your Mind Is Infinite And Thoughts Are Part Of The Collective Mind! What Does This Mean For You? You Are Experiencing Energy Constructs That Are Free Floating In Connection To Others! Many Thoughts Are Not Your Own Creation, But That Of Another!

For Those In Close Relationships Or With Twins Or Triplets, Sentences Are Completed Together. Words Are Used Simultaneously. Some Decide To Call Another And The Other Is Calling Them At The Same Moment, These Are Synchronicities Based In Consciousness.

Telepathy Is A Manner Of Sharing And Conversing In Consciousness. Indeed, You Are Connected To The Higher Realms Of Life With Cosmic Consciousness.

You Are Everything And Everywhere With Consciousness!

To Focus And Slow The Anxiety That Is Felt When You Cannot Stop Thinking, Let’s Try A Few Methods That Will Surely Assist You! This Will Prevent Arguments, Upsets, Impatience And Depression In Many Instances. So Simple And Yet Made To Be So Difficult Is To Give Up Your Personal History! Let The Story Go! Is It Happening Now? You Are Now In A New Moment! Is Your Perceived Issue Or A Person That Hurt You, Standing Before You? Probably Not! If So, Move Away Into Another Space! Let It Go And It Will Not Exist In Your Awareness!

The World Is Changing And Your Attention To Outer Stories Will Determine Your Mood And Behavior! Do You Want Peace? Give Up The Thoughts And Shift To Pure Awareness!

There You Have It! This Stops Thoughts!

Breathe Deeply! Indeed!

Merge With The Love Of One. This Is The Awareness. There Is No Story.

This Awareness Is The Creator Of Your Higher Self That Is Cosmic Consciousness! Your Identity Has The Complete Control To Surrender And Become The Awareness Of Your Day To Day Life!

This Is Peace, Beloved Friends! This Is Your Answer To All Questions!

Your Created Moment Came Forth From Life Itself Desiring to BE.

The Infinite Absolute Being Of One Creator Is The Source Of The Living Field Of Consciousness.

Here Is The Place Where All Galaxies Exist And Thrive! This Is The Energy Of Being That Expressed All Life With Intention! The Essence Of One That Would Become Many! Galactic Federation, Archangels, Light Beings And Higher Vibrational Masters All Began With One Expression Of Expanding Light!

Cosmic Consciousness Will Infinitely Expand As Galactic Races Understand The Unity Of Light That All Carry Within!

Remember Who You Are Each Moment! Shift Your Awareness To Your Inner World Of Being As You Connect With Intention To All Life!

I AM AKATU And We Are One!
I Love You So!