Beloved Friends Of Light!

As You Perceive Life In Moments, Know That A Higher Truth Is Guiding In All Aspects Of Creativity. 

What Is Desired Within The Collective Is Greater Than What Is Known Individually. The Collective Consciousness And Light Is Creating A Perceived Reality For Everyone. But All That You Truly Are Responsible For Is Your Own Presence. Here Is The Place Where You Must Believe It Is Already Done.

If You Are Not Sure What You Want, Then Consider This From A Spiritual Place Of Being. This Story Of You Is More Brief And Temporary Than A Breath. Make It Count From A Higher Perspective. You Are An Infinite Soul. Bring Your Presence Into This Moment. From This Place, You Will Truly Understand That You Are So Much More Than Problems, Pain, Loss Or Ego. As Your Soul, You Are Free And Oh So Powerful. From This Place Of Light And Beauty. You Will Know What You Want As You Will Know Who You Are!

Everything You Give Attention To Will Create Energy To Amplify The Focus. As You Ponder And Think About This Aspect, You Are Creating A Template Of Your Own Imagination. This Place Of Creativity Might Seem Absent From Your Life, But It Is Very Much Working Endlessly To Bring To Fruition Your Very Thoughts. It Is Within 4-D That All Energy Becomes Matter.

Your imagination Has No Judgement Of Its Own But You Judge Your Own Thoughts By Your Free Will As A Being In Form. Have You Ever Realized You Are Thinking Something You Judge To Be Horrible? The Thoughts Alone Are Neutral. It Is Your Own Judgement That Creates Fear And Shame. You Quickly Adjust Your Thoughts To Become More Inline With Who You See Yourself To Be. It Is Others With These Awful Thoughts. Not You. Right?

The Takeaway Of This Scenario Is To Remind You That Thoughts Are Creating Your Life. Without A Thought With Belief, No New Created Moment Would Be. In The Perception Of Moving Forward, Moments Change By Your Intention. But You Are Here Now From Thoughts Of Another. Parents And Ancestors Moved And Lived With Energy Constructs That Created A Story That Led To Your Birth. As A Soul Of Perfection, You Choose To Enter Utero And Become Human For A Brief Moment In Timelessness. 

From This Place, You Can Learn To Change Anything By Your Own Belief. In Truth, It Is Already Done. You Must Uncover And Expose The Gift That Is Waiting. You Must Call What Is There Into Your Awareness. From Here You Will Notice That  What You Desire Is Becoming More Real. 

Elder And Commander Sananda Of Merope Came To Earth To Teach Others About Love, Forgiveness And What Prayer Really Is. He Spoke To Crowds About Asking And Believing. He Assured Everyone To Pray As Though The Answer Was There. Because It Was. Few Ever Understood That He Showed Them Who They Were Within And That All Things Were Possible With Belief.

We Are Here As Pleiadians To Remind You Of Your Power. Sheen Is The Heart Of The Grand Shift. Indeed, It is Already Complete. Already Done. Just Believe And Know Within Your Soul That This Will Be As It Already Is In Magnificence.

The True Order Of Manifestation Is From Each Soul That Realizes The Power Before Them From The Light They Carry Within.

And So It Is With Life.
You Are The Light!

I Love You So!