Akatu: Pleiadian Mothership, ISS October 2016

Beloved Friends!

We Come To You In These Moments To Bring Comfort And Wisdom! We Offer Information Of Frequencies That Live Now In The Present Moment; As Well As Existing From The Beginning Of The Cosmos, As We Ventured Out Quite Early To Meet Our Friends In Many Galaxies!

We Presented And Taught Advanced Technology In Travel And Craft Designs. We Visited Earth So Regularly That A Craft Arriving Was Equivalent To Seeing An Automobile Now! We Experience All Life As NOW; And You Will Join In This Perception When All Shift.

If You Spread A Tapestry And Looked At Intricate Designs In Many Places, You Are Still Observing One Tapestry. This Is The Way Of Life!  Living In One Density Dream Is Unknown To Another, Yet Existing Together In Timelessness. Pleiadians Cross All Of This And Enter And Exit As We Visit Multidimensionally!

We Have Never Shared All Of Our Technology Because We Are Wise! We Share In This Moment In Teaching Of A Certain Type Of Mothership. These Crafts Are Many Sizes And Shapes. Hundreds Of Feet To Even A Thousand Feet Or More. The Craft Is Chosen For A Specified Mission Or Purpose.

These Can Be Noted With Appendages Coming Off Each Side, Top And Bottom Of The Craft. The Appendages Are Of Many Sizes And Can Retract And Disappear. When They Have Projected Outward, They Are Picking Up Smaller Crafts For Various Reasons.Often We Have Meetings With The Light Forces And Other Galaxies Join Us. We Cloak If We Want To Be Private And Unseen. We Use The Projected Appendages To Take Many Photos As Well As Changing The Frequencies And Power Use Of Energy In Assisting Or Protecting.

In This Way, We Can Prevent Earthquakes From Being Far Worse, We Can Change The Projected Storm Surges In Some Cases And We Have Prevented Mass Casualties From Planned Bombing Situations. We Serve And Protect But Many Perceived Negative Occurrences Are Part Of The Life Dream And We Are Not Your Creator! There Are Reasons And Plans Beyond Your Understanding And This Is Not Our Area To Ever Interfere! We Bow To The One!