Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

As A Human With A Created Personality, One Might Feel That The Control Of The Narrative Of An Unfolding Story Is Within Their Own Creative Endeavor. In Many Instances This Is True. Free Will Allows Victories As Well As Great Falls If There Is No Alignment With The Soul. But Regardless Of Choices That Affect Each Person Immediately As Well As Long Term, There Is A Powerful Gift In Place To Guide. Each Being Is Responsible For Programming This Gift To Perform With Outcomes Of Light. Mundane Aspects Of Repetitive Movements And Skills From Habit Are Part Of The Gift Of The Subconscious Mind. Ignoring  Intentional Programming Can Bring Discord With The Unfolding Of Undesired Outcomes. Let’s Explore This Together As You Learn The Importance Of One Of The Most Powerful Gifts Utilized By All Creation.

Knowing The Truth Of The Subconscious Mind Will Open A Pathway Of Exploration With Confirmations That You Never Thought Were Possible. The Subconscious Mind Is Spirit Communication And Answers Are Flowing Continuously To The Questions That Are Asked By Everyone.

All Life Is Created With Great Purpose And Design. Life Originates From One Sacred Source. All Physical Forms Are Holographic In Patterns Of Recognition By Spirit. Knowing And Understanding That You Are Spirit Will Assist With A Further Depth Of Knowing That You Communicate Individually And Collectively. Here Lies The Mystery Of The Subconscious Mind. This Is The Place Of Telepathy And Full Conversations With Other Realms.

All Life Forms Are Communicating In Many Ways. Telepathy Is One Manner Of Transmission. Other Communication Will Assist As You Have Feelings, Intuition And Absolute Peace Within The Soul. When You Are Being Guided By Spirit, You May Feel A Reservation With A Choice To Be Made. Listen To The Silence That Speaks Volumes To Your Being.

Spirit Is The Conduit Of Information Throughout All Waking Dreams As Well As Origin. There Is A Powerful Presence That Can Be Accessed During Meditation Or Moments Of Awareness. This Presence Is God Source. Spirit May Be Denied Or Ignored, But Wisdom Will Take You To Paths Of Longing For The One Divine Presence Of God. Pleiadians Call This Sacred Essence ‘ELAKO’.

Water Is A Magnificent Conduit To Amplify And Clarify Spirit Communication. As You Sit Near A Waterfall, A Flowing Stream Or As You Bathe In Water, Become Aware Of The Stillness Within And Listen Carefully. You Might Be Amazed To Hear Phrases Of Wisdom And Clarity From Spirit That Speaks Through The Power Of Water.

As A Human Seeks Answers At Every Turn, There Are Tried And True Methods To Access Spirit Through The Subconscious Mind. Any Creative Expression That Takes Your Attention Naturally Into A State Of No Thinking, Will Bypass The Conscious Mind And Allow Spirit To Communicate Through The Subconscious Mind. Writing, Art, Singing Or Playing Instruments Allows The Soul To Speak. Guides, Higher Beings And Friends From Many Places Use These Moments To Share Their Love And Support.

Thoughts Are Received From Other Souls Within The Avenue Of The Subconscious Mind. Once You Realize That All Thoughts Are Not Your Own, You Might Be Entertained As You Let Them Flow And Go. On An Endless Movement Of Spiritual Energy, Thoughts Are No More Lasting That Any Energy That Dissipates And Transmutes To Another Form. Instead Of Becoming Troubled By Thoughts That Trigger Memories, Know That This Energy Is The Common Ground For All Life. Choose Your Thoughts And Reprogram The Subconscious MInd To Regain Direction With Your Own Chosen Path.

Once The Subconscious Mind Accepts An Idea As Real, There Is No Stopping The Progression Of Movement To Reflect The Thought. You Are The Creator Of Your Story As You Choose Consciousness With Belief Or Allow The Subconscious Mind To Move On Your Behalf. Aligning With Light And The Good For Self And All Others, Will Assure The Subconscious Is Programmed In Truth. From This Frequency, Only Spirit Of Higher Love Will Abound In All Moments Of Your Life!

Set Your Intention And Never Hesitate To Go Within And Create A Clear Path For The Reprogramming Of The Subconscious Mind. Here You Will Find Clarity And Peace In All Things.

I Love You So!