Akatu - Earth Native Souls And Sheen

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

With The Soon Coming Shift Of Humanity, We Speak Regarding Earth Native Souls And Magnificent Changes In Life And Their State Of Being!

As Starseeds Understand The Gathering In Sheen Brings Souls From Their Origin And Many Races Throughout The Cosmos To A Grand Celebration, They Also Understand They Will Have Choices Of Remaining On The New Earth, Returning To Their Star Of Origin Or Traveling.

The Light Is Unlimited And All Souls Will Gather In Love With No Constraints!

Earth Native Souls Were Not Created In Perfect Form With Circulating Light. As We Have Shared In Other Communications, They Were Quite Frail And Learned Through Many Dreams That Survival And Strength Were Possible.

Becoming Families With Starseeds That Left The Higher Realms For Experience And Higher Consciousness, Allowed Growth And Development Exponentially. Created By The Source Of All Life, They Blended And Became Knowledgeable As They Learned To Maneuver Through Duality. Lives Became Longer As Bodies Grew In Strength And Development. Earth Native Souls Died In Body Form But Were Gathered By Elohim Races Of The Galactic Federation And Given A Beautiful Haven Of Light In The Non-Physical Aspect Of Life. They Returned To Earth Over And Over And Chose Many Lives Around The Great Planet.

As The Earth Shifts In Consciousness And Light Becomes The Absolute For All Beings, Native Souls Will Also Be Able To Choose Their Location Of Being. The Connection Of Many Families On Earth That Have Been Native To Earth And Joined To Starseeds, Will Allow Earth Native Souls To Remain In Sheen Or Return With Souls They Have Loved For Waking Dreams, To The Stars Of Shared Families.

Earth Native Souls Will Have Abilities For The First Time That Starseeds Will Return To As Familiar Life. In Sheen, Earth Souls Will Use Telepathy And Travel In Crafts. All Souls Will Enjoy Sharing Beautiful Gardens With Lush Plants In Great Variety For Nourishment. Without Toxins, Bodies Will Be Strong And Never Experience Death As They Will Circulate Light With A Crystal Heart. All Beings Will Live in Harmony As They Share Their Expressions Of Art, Designs And All Creative Abilities As They Experience Oneness And Love For All. Learning And Technology Will Continue Without End And All Will Prosper And Share All Goods.

Pets And All Animals That Have Experienced Duality Will Thrive And Only Know Love! Everyone Will Connect With Beloved Pets And Loved Ones Who Played Roles For Them In Each Waking Dream!

Some Reading This Might Wonder About Space And Size And How Everything And Everyone Will Fit In An Area! Beloved Ones! You Will Not Be Bound By The Perception And Visualization Of Earth As You Know It! You Will Live In True Timelessness With Unlimited Space. If You Look In A Direction, More Will Appear! You Will Fully Understand Your Creative Expression! For You Carry Source Within As The Expression Of All Life!

So Be At Great Peace As You Understand Earth Native Souls Will Join You In Light! Many Remain On Earth Now And Those In Havens Of Light, Live As Powerful Souls That Are Perfect In The Essence Of God. With Power And Consciousness They Will Join You In Perfected Bodies At The Grand Shift!

Indeed, (BASCO) The Dream Will End As You Live In Great Light!

I Love You So!