Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Life Exists In All Frequencies And Dimensions Known To You And Yet Unseen In These Moments. You Have Lived Many Times Before In Waking Dreams That Served You Well. As We Review Ancient Structures In Egypt, Know In Truth That Many Of You Visited To Assist In Building Structures, Columns And Statues That Would Be Left For You To See In Amazement In Other Dreams. Many Of You Are Pleiadians And Others That Live As Humans In These Moments Are Members Of The Galactic Federation From Elohim Races. All Souls Are Magnificent And Have Great Purpose. Come With Me Now As We Discuss The Structures Of The Great Pyramids Of Giza And The Sphinx That Has Prompted So Much Speculation. Let’s Clear The Mystery And Decipher The Truth That Has Always Been Present!

In Ancient Dreams, There Were Motherships That Traversed The Cosmos As The Galactic Federation Visited Many Races To Upgrade Bodies To Light With Crystal Hearts. Their Power And Love Was Enormous As It Remains To Be Life Changing Even In Your Current Dream. Visits To Earth Became Frequent And Incarnations Increased As Earth Was Seen To Be A Place Of Learning For Many Starseeds. The Assistance Of The Galactic Federation Was Appreciated By Those On The Ground That Watched As Animals, Produce, Plants And Musical Instruments Were Brought In Abundance. The Sky Gods Were So Beautiful And To Humans, These Perfect Beings Were From God. They Excitedly Scrambled To Greet The Sky Gods Who Were Light Filled Pleiadians. Not Knowing That Their Own Origins Were From The Pleiades, Arcturus And Other Stars, They Gathered In Disbelief At The Love Before Them. Living Their Own Dream, They Forgot That These Were Friends.

From The Vantage Point Of No Memory Of Past Existence, Egyptians Struggled To Live And Manage Their Lives. This Improved Over Millennia But For Our Communication We Will Return To A Time That Predates Earth’s Known History With Valid Information. There Were Primitive Areas And Scarce Commodities When The Sphinx Was Constructed In 6000 B.C. By Visitors From The Sky. Indeed, We Arrived In Great Numbers. The Times Were Barbaric As People Were Killed By Those They Knew Well. The Name Egypt Was Not Yet Given And People Ate Grains And Animals As They Could Find To Survive. The Great Valley That Would Be Called Egypt Was Intersected By The Nile River. Places Of Desert And Stones Were Seen Throughout The Land. Provinces And Cities Formed And Rulers And Pharaohs Took Their Place Among The People. Mountains Became Homes And Deserts Became Tents With Pieces Of Skins And Fabric. The Egyptians Needed Assistance With Their Growing Population. Pleiadians Would Serve This Need In Many Ways.

A Pleiadian Elder Called BASHEDAH CAHIZEMOH Of Celaeno, Made The Decision With His Status As Commander Of The Galactic Federation Of His Star, To Enter The Domain Of Egypt. He Was Third In The Lineage Of Elohim And His Parents Had Instilled The Power Of Light In His Consciousness And Heart, As Their Parents Had Taught Them The Power Of Light. Indeed, He Was Excited To Visit And Bestow Gifts As He Taught The Egyptians Of Their Innate Power To Create. This Begins The Story Of The Sphinx.

Arriving In Power And Light On A Mothership, BASHEDAH Wore A Blue Uniform With Silver Boots. He Wore His Medallion Of Honor Depicting A Lion’s Head, Representing Power. He Had Many Friends With Him As They Gathered With Pharaohs And The People Of The Land. Over Many Years They Brought More Supplies And Did Their Best To Assist Those In Egypt With Art And Structures Of Dwelling.

When The Time Came To Leave The Area, A Decision Was Made To Build A Structure That Would Remain On Earth For Everyone To Enjoy. There Would Also Be A Great Purpose For Egyptians As Ceremonies And Celebrations Would Be Focused Here As A Place To Gather. The Lower Chambers Would Be Exquisite And And Ornate Carvings Would Lead To Areas Of Burial. This Massive Structure Would Be Known As The Sphinx. There Were Many Smaller Sphinxes Throughout The Land That Depicted Rulers And Pharaohs. But This One Would Be Different, As It Would Represent Elder BASHEDAH In All His Power And Light. The Structure Was Carved And Fashioned By Pleiadians To Have The Body Of A Lion And The Face Of A Human. This Would Represent The Power Of A Lion That BASHEDAH Enjoyed. The Structure Was Beautiful And Magnificent To All Who Looked On In Amazement. The Gift Was Complete And It Was Time For Pleiadians To Return Home. They Promised To Return To Build More Structures. And We Did Return To Build Areas Of Opulent Majesty.

The Next Visit Was Enacted As Promised When Elder BASHEDAH Returned On His Mission Of Light! Egyptians Of Valor And Power Gathered With The Common People Of This Time. Pharaohs Had Met In Chambers With Anticipation Of The Arrival Of Motherships. The Arrival Did Not Disappoint And Spirits Were High.

This Mission Was Planned To Construct Areas Of Height And Depth To Serve Those Living And Those To Be Buried. In Addition, There Would Be Chambers Of Gold Beneath Tunnels Where Only Those With Permission Could Enter. The Great Pyramids Of Giza Were Easily Formed With The Power And Light Of The Galactic Federation. The Year Was 2550 B.C. And The Sky Was Blue As Friends Gathered To Complete The Three Pyramids. They Descended Into The Depths Beneath The Structures To Complete Areas That Would Remain Useful In Their Further Visits.

There Is A Chamber Of Harmonics Where Tones, Colors And Frequencies Align To Guide Incoming Crafts As Well As Communication On Home Stars. Many Races Would Come To Rely On The Communication As They Entered The Area For Thousands Of Years.

An Area Beneath All That Was Known To Any Man, Is A Chamber For Meetings By The Light Forces. In This Moment Of Now There Are Meetings Held With Pleiadians And Those Of The Light That Gather. Elder BASHEDAH Enjoys The Area And Walks Among The People That Do Not Know His Identity. His Long White Hair Is Presented As Long And Black. He Chooses This To Walk Freely And Enter Areas Of Privacy. He Remembers The Early Visits And Is Pleased At The Progress Of Egypt. His Friends Of The Ancient Dreams Have Returned To Origin. Some Of Them Fly With Him Now As Members Of His Team.

With Power And Light, You Are Served Well By The Galactic Federation!

In Love We Are One!

I Love You So!