Beloved Friends Of Earth!

All Creation Is Part Of The One Creator Of Light!

In These Moments We Share With You About The Life Of Goddesses In The Higher Realms!

We Will Share Specifically About The Goddesses From The Races We Speak About Often With Great Love!

These Races Are Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, Andromedans And Orions. The Names Are Shared In The Language You Understand As You Know In Truth That Tones Must Be Transmuted In Sound And Frequency.

All Of These Star Systems Have Multiple Goddesses. Only Taygeta Of The Pleiades Has One.

When A Young Female Is Learning And Growing, She Will Carry A Certain Vibrational Frequency That Resonates Within Her Body. Her Parents Are Aware Of This Frequency And As She Grows Older There Are Discussions With Her About Her Future. As She Becomes A Young Adult, Her Frequency Is Felt By All In Her Presence.

There Are Elaborate Ceremonies And Celebrations To Honor A New Goddess. This Is A Sacred Service To The Light Of Creation. It Is A Very Happy Occasion For Each Goddess And Her Inner Being Is Completely Filled With Peace And Love. She Will Always Be A Goddess And Nothing Can Take This Honor From Her.

She Travels Throughout The Multiverses To Serve The Light With Speaking Engagements Regarding Peace For All Beings. Her Presence At Each Meeting Carries A Frequency Of Such Love And Compassion That Those Living In Duality Are Often Changed Within. This Is Her Drive And Motivation To Allow Others To Feel What Peace Can Be.

Her Gowns Are Long And Flowing As She Wears Robes And Crystals To Speak Words Of Kindness And Unity. When She Has Become Officially A Goddess In Ceremony, A Group Of Fairies Choose Her To Be With Forever. They Remain With Her In All Travels And In Her Life Of Origin With Her Mate And Children. When She Incarnates, They Arrive With Her And Although Unseen In Most Waking Dreams, They Are Highly Protective Of Her. Some Goddesses See And Interact With Their Fairies While Incarnated.

A Goddess Travels To Speaking Engagements In Her Own Craft, With Other Goddesses Or With Her Family Of Origin. Her Mate Often Stands With Her As She Speaks.  Her Knowledge Of Technology And Areas Of The Cosmos Are Very Great And She Is Safe In Her Choices Of Travel. Many Goddesses Have Beloved Pets That Travel With Them. Some Have Very Large Tigers Or Lions That Cuddle And Rest Comfortably In Large Beds Within The Craft.

The Grand Shift To SHEEN Will Have Music, Dancing And Honoring Of Many That Have Served The Light! Goddesses, Ambassadors And Many Others Will Have A Moment Of Recognition For Such Sacred Service!

Many Serve The Light With Certain Titles. But Know In Truth That All Souls In The Higher Realms Commune With The Presence Of God, Source, Prime Creator, Elako And The Name You Understand The ONE To Be In Name.

You Are Souls Of God. You Carry The Light!

You ARE The Light That Lives Infinitely!

Goddesses Of Light Remind You Of Your Divinity And Purpose To Love As ONE.

In Light We Remain!


I Love You So!