Akatu - The Dance - December 12, 2022

Beloved Friends!

Perceiving Life As A Dance Will Ease Your Mind!

Side Stepping Into A Chair On The Dance Floor May You Give You Pause In Your Perception!

This Is The Moment To Gather Yourself And Slowly Get Up As You Focus On The Music!

Everyone Falls!

Show Them The Way To Rise In Light!

You Are Beginning To Experience The Higher Vibrational Octave Of Your Own Being!

You Are The Music Of Your Divine Soul! No Other Being Can Take Your Music!

They Only Can Distract You And Turn Their Own Music Much Louder.

You Can Find Many That Harmonize With Yours! Dance On With These Souls!

You Are Beginning To Find Those Souls Who Discreetly Have Been Playing Roles For You!

Hidden In Skin Suits As Though They Belong Here As You, They Dance A Little Closer As You Feel The Familiarity!

Some Of Them Love You And Some Work As Catalysts For Greater Awakening, Even Though They Drive You Crazy!

In The End, You Will Embrace Them All In Joy As You Realize Your Closest Friends Have Danced With You Through Many Waking Dreams. The Starseeds In Disguise Will Be Revealed In Great Light!

You Will Continue The Dance While Fully Awake!

The Dance Will Take On A New Tempo As The Harmony That Emanates From Within Grows Brighter And More Colorful And Your Tones Filled With Joy Intertwine With All Souls Around You!

Light Will Cover The Dance Floor And All Will Hear The Same Music!

Life Will Have Transformed Into Another Kind Of Adventure!

One Without Pain, Suffering Or Loss!

A Reality That Will Be Shared With Joy By Those That Have Been With You From The Beginning!

Dance With Light And Be Forever Free!

I Will Wait For You In Divine Light!


I Love You So! Indeed!