Akatu - Changing What No Longer Serves You

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Many Of You Have Noticed That A Desire For Material Objects Has Decreased As You Have Awakened! The Reason For This Might Be Obvious To You! The Essence Of Light That Is Gathering Souls To The Grand Shift, Is Activated Within Your Being!

Many Humans Spend The First Years Of Their Waking Dream In Competition And Collecting Material Goods That Vary According To The Story You Chose. Some Collect Cars, Some Redecorate Their Homes And Many Believe That New Clothing Is Necessary Each Season.

In Truth, You Need Nothing But Simple Clothing, Nourishment, Water And Shelter. Everything Else Is A Desire To Sustain An Ever Growing Ego. Nothing Is Inherently Wrong With New Homes, Cars And Clothing, But For Many That Have Lived This Ongoing Saga Of ‘More’ Will Tell You That It Is Never Enough!

The Objects That You Believe You ‘Have’, Instead, ‘Have’ You! Nothing In The Outer World Can Satisfy The Longing Of Your Soul To Express As ‘Presence’. Becoming Familiar With The Soul That You Are In Form Will Bring Peace And Solace In A World That Is Turned Upside Down With Misinformation, Chaos And Wars.

These Are Moments To Clearly Understand That Identifying What Serves You In Light Should Be Pursued And Become A Priority, And What No Longer Serves You Should Be Purged From Your Story!

Breathe Deeply And Have The Intention To Be Honest About Your Life. Look At Your Surroundings. How Many Items Have You Added Without Necessity In The Last Years? Do You Even Notice These Items That Sit Throughout Your Home? Do You Have Items Of Clothing Not Worn For Years? Everything Has Energy And Purging Your Life From Multiple Objects And Closets Full Of Items You Have Forgotten, Will Bring A Noticed Relaxation. Look At Items And Ask Yourself If Each One Is Serving You. If Not, You Might Consider Giving To Another That Is In Lack, Or Discarding Items That Have No Worth. You Will Be Surprised To Discover That Nothing Will Be Missed.

Are There People In Your Life That Have Proved Themselves To Be Deceitful Or Hurtful Too Many Times To Count? Are There People That Your Instinct Tells You Repeatedly Are Dangerous To Your Life? Listen To Your Soul And Be Guided To Purge Those From Your Life That Would Cause Further Harm. Your Soul Plan Certainly Allows You The Free Will To Seek Peace And Avoid Discord.

Allow Spirit To Be The Path Of Light And The Love You Seek Will Be Discovered Within! For There Is Nothing Greater Than The Peace Of Aligning With Your Soul!

In Love We Live As One!

I Love You So!