Beloved Friends Of Light!

As You Long For Answers To All Of Life’s Unfolding, Bring Presence To Each Moment. In Truth, There Is A Great Gift To Not Knowing All That Will Transpire. Understanding That Circumstances Are Sometimes Out Of Your Control Will Allow You To Make Wise Choices And Judgements To The Best Of Your Ability. But Let’s Explore A Few Aspects Of Being That You Might Agree Are Better Unknown. When Each Moment Comes, You Will Discover That You Have The Answers Within Your Soul To Make Decisions. You Cannot Know What You Would Choose In The Future. Seek Truth To Guide You As You Surrender To The Ever Moving Changes Of Your Waking Dream!

Become Still And Breathe Deeply Throughout The Day. Prepare Your Mind And Body With A Calm And Slow Demeanor. Have The Intention To Be Better Each Moment With No Competition Related To The Lives Of Others. Your Journey Is One Of The Soul. Everyone Has A Path Of Experience.

Your Focus On The Present Moment Will Prevent Projection. This Area Of Imagining The Worst Is Common And Can Take A Beautiful Day Into Despair. With Thoughts Of Fear And The Worse Outcomes, You Can Create The Very Scenario That You Dread.

Life For Everyone Is Full Of Change, Regrets And Challenges Of Many Kinds. No One Can Make A Plan That Is Absolute With The Outcome They Choose. The Soul Arrives To Experience Many Aspects Of Life. But The Choices Of The Personality With Ego Will Cause Deviation From The Path Throughout Each Waking Dream. Variables Are Created By The Choices Of Others And Each Person Must Begin With These Unexpected Changes To Focus Again On The Next Moment.

If You Knew The Moment That Death Or Great Illness Would Disrupt Your Story Of Well Being, You Could Not Bear The Pain In Your Mind In The Present. In Truth, Your Thoughts Would Bring Feelings Of Something Not Happening. Not Knowing The Future Allows You To Enjoy This Moment. This Moment Is Perfect. Believe That Each Moment Of Your Life Will Bring Clarity In Decisions That Must Be Made. You Cannot Know The Exact Circumstances And How You Will React When Each Scenario Unfolds.

Nothing In Your Life Is Wasted And Moving Forward You Are Able To See This Clearly. Each Incident Of Change Made You Stronger. You Have The Ability And Choice To Allow Each Challenge To Serve You!

Not Knowing How Each Choice Will Play Out In The Story Of Your Life, Allows You To Marry, Have Children And Enjoy The Ups And Downs Of Days Before You. If You Knew There Would Be Divorce, You Would Never Know The Beautiful Days Of Love And Sharing. If You Understood That A Child Would Die, Leave Your Life By Estrangement Or Have Severe Illness, Many Would Choose To Be Childless. The Depth Of Experience Would Never Be The Same Within Your Being If You Denied Having A Family From Fear. The Gift Of Not Knowing Will Allow Life To Be As It Is.

The Gift Of Not Knowing Will Serve You With Employment. If You Only Accepted Positions That Assured The Right Amount Of Money With Guarantees Of Success, You Would Never Grow To Your Greatest Potential. Challenges Will Come And Go With Choices Made In Each Moment. You Will Gain Clarity And Wisdom With Moments That Open. You Cannot Fail When You Allow Life To Be. The Greatest Wisdom Arrives From The Journey Of Successes Along With Perceived Failures.

How Many Magnificent Meals Have You Prepared Or Enjoyed From Another? Has There Ever Been A Moment Of Burning A Meal Or Forgetting To Add Ingredients Necessary? Indeed, You Did Not Know This Would Happen. The Gift Of Not Knowing Allowed You To Prepare A Thousand More Meals! You May See The Humor In This. You Would Never Stop Preparing Meals Because Of Making A Mistake. You Try Again And You Never Know The Outcome.

Each Beloved Pet Fills Such A Place Within The Hearts Of Their Families. Each Precious Animal Soul Chose You To Love. In Short Life Spans, Each Soul Leaves And There Is Grief And Loss. But Not Knowing The Way Or The Time Allows You To Love Them Freely And Openly Without Reservation. Not Knowing Is A Great Gift That Will Serve You! The Soul Expands In Light With Such Unconditional Love!

Each Human Would Profess That War Is Never The Answer If They Were Aligned With The Soul. Yet Time After Time, War Is Chosen To Bring Pain, Destruction And Death To So Many. If Everyone Knew There Would Be A War Coming To Their Area, Peace Would Be Difficult In Their Daily Lives. With Years Of Threats And Upheavals Of Fear, Families Would Be In Turmoil. Learning To Go Within And Stay Present Is The Wisest Endeavor. In The Moment Of Imminent War, There Will Be An Unfolding Of Information That Each Person Will Deal With In The Present. Not Knowing Reality Before This Is The Manner Of Life.

And Lastly We Will Address Doctrines That Are Followed And Believed With Great Passion. Many Leave Doctrine Over Time As Their Understanding Changes. Still Nothing Is Wasted As One Gains Wisdom And A Depth Of Understanding That Allows Experience In Many Ways. Not Knowing This Path Would Open To Allow  Perception To Change So Greatly, Is A Gift That Allowed Expanded Consciousness. As Your Soul, Nothing Is More Magnificent!

Be Blessed With The Gift Of Not Knowing. Explore And Experience Life In All Aspects And Variables. Change Is Part Of Your Journey. Not Knowing Is A Gift Of The Soul.

I Love You So!