Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

In These Moments We Will Move Into A Manner Of Life That Will Sound Surreal. Indeed, This Is The First Race Revealed That Lives In An Abstract World Of Beauty And Adventure. Go With Me Now With Your Own Creative Imagination And Visit The Souls Of ZI In The Truth Of Their Magnificent Existence.

The HIZI Were Created Billions Of Years Ago In A Galaxy Called “OV” Which Is Far In Distance And Understanding To Humans On Earth. Undetected By Current Technology, This Galaxy Of Light Thrives With Planets, Stars, Moons And Five Suns. The Planet ZI Knows No Darkness As Many Suns Light The Way In All Moments Of Being. The Temperature Remains Around Eighty Degrees And This Has Remained Constant Since The Moment Of Expression From Source Energy.

The HIZI Are Not Solar Beings But Resemble Them In Some Characteristics. They Stand Twelve Feet Tall With Glowing Light That Emits From Their Body When They Speak In Tones. They Have No Hair And Their Eyes Are Large Circles Of Glowing Light. Their Mouth Is Small And Circular. They Breathe Through The Top Of Their Head. Their Skin Is Iridescent With A Pale Blue Tint. They Wear Capes And Cloaks With Vibrant Colors.

The HIZI Procreate Energetically And They Enjoy Infinite Life. Many Of These Souls No Longer Create Families So The Population Remains Steady And Constant As Life Is Beautiful In All Ways. These Beings Discovered The Light Of God Within Their Own Essence. They Live In Oneness And Peace With Nothing Needed To Maintain Their Beauty.

Their Crystal Homes Are Created High In the Air As Though Floating In Nothingness. Trees, Glowing Flowers And Plants Move Seamlessly In Motion As They Grow And Thrive While Having No Roots. High Above The Ground, The Light Of Spirit Feeds All Life With Frequencies Of Love. What More Could Be Needed?

Cascades Of Color With Lavender, Pink, Gold And Yellow Stream Downward In Energy That Touches And Blends With The Silver Ground. More Life Is Activated Here With Gardens, Trees And Plants. Large Crystals Are Programmed And Sounds Are Heard With Humming And Vibrations With The Acknowledgement Of Sacred Life.

Small White Animals Called ”Z” That Resemble A Combination Of Bears And Dragons Scurry Through Areas With Children Playing. At Any Moment, The Z Begin To Fly With Children And Rise High Above The Homes And Mountains. Music Plays Throughout Areas Of Color With Intention By The Spirit Of One Love. No Instruments Are Needed From The Joy Of This Manner Of Being.

Life Is Simple With No Duality. Meals Are Not Sought As Light Permeates Their Being Through The Tops Of Their Heads. The HIZI Use Light In All Manner Of Living And Creative Endeavors. They Remain In A Constant Flow Of Energy From Light!

The HIZI Were Discovered By The Galactic Federation Who Also Harnessed Light And Had Innate Powers To Transform Others. The HIZI Welcomed Them And Many Great Communications Transpired With Love. These Beings Would Be Welcomed To Join The Galactic Federation As Members, But They Refused As Duality Would Not Be Allowed In Their Perfection Of Being. Members Of The Light Forces Understood Their Manner Of Life And Agreed To Remain As Friends.

In These Moments, The HIZI Of ZI Remain In Bliss. They Have Achieved Contentment With Great Peace. Their Communing With Light Is Constant With Power. Their Lives Are Complete And Infinite. They Never Leave Their Beloved Home.

Warm Pink Oceans With Silver Waves Move Gently As They Reach The Shore. Golden Birds Fly Softly Over Lavender Mountains. The HIZI Are Seen Flying Around Areas Of Homes High Above The Ground. They Speak In Tones And Colors And Their Communication Is Understood By The Light Of Their Being.

In Light There Is Truth And Love!

I Love You So!