USS Trepang Sighting, 1971

Neioh – As many know by now, We are unlimited in Space-Time, in multitudes of Crafts, from leisure accommodations, to the Highest Vibrational Frequency known, which means to you, Non-Physical. In the Billions of ventures from the Beginning, We have created Fleets to be seen and unseen. In these moments, you are discovering many photos and films of our Crafts that were hidden away by those spreading fear.

The moments are NOW for the revealing of more into the Higher Consciousness where those that live and breathe on Earth know We are Love. We Transmit Light Frequencies to assist you and never harm you! The oceans are as easy to enter as the mountains.

These photos are being seen by Intention as all photos have been. The smaller Craft is actually very large by your standards. Hundreds of feet in diameter. This larger one is a Pleiadian Mothership with the capabilities to hold 50 of the other Craft noted.

This is a Galactic Federation Meeting beneath the ocean. Great for privacy and adventure. We are not limited by the mind as you understand it to be. Many of you have flown with us and will return to this as completely natural!

Photos taken from the submarine USS Trepang, 1971, between Iceland and Jan Mayen island in the Atlantic Ocean

Craft 1

Craft 2


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