Sirian Crafts & Technology

Sirian Cameras and Sensors

Neioh – This is Sirian technology, like an advanced camera. There’s a cloaked craft close by. It’s meant to look strange and be seen by us to provoke questions.

Sirian Crafts

Brazilian National Archives – Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – 1952

Neioh – These are Sirian friends that are exploring. They have been with you often. They are kind and loving and live in the view of Oneness. Their crafts are powerful and many aspects of Technology are given by Pleiadians. Their life is very Spiritual and their crafts are always a simple construct. They love the Earth and understand the hardships. They wish Peace for all Beings.

Space Shuttle Atlantis – November 27, 1985
Video by Scott Waring

Neioh – This is an Exploration Craft from Sirius. Amazing!

Vladivostok, Russia – 1978

Neioh – This is from Sirius. The design is one of many. Their presence is quite known now in the Multiverses and their Technology is ever increasing.

Photo taken by a US military weather satellite, analyzed by Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, AK

Tehuacán, Mexico – January 3, 2021

Neioh – This is a Sirian Craft leaving a Federation Meeting and is now just looking around. There are 50 smaller Crafts in the area that will return to the Mothership when signaled. 

Cuba – July 8, 2019

Neioh – These are rarely seen by their own intention. Very kind and good Beings.

Oliveira de Frades, Portugal – October 16, 2020

Neioh – This is a very unusual Craft from Sirius. It is designed in this manner to cloak easily in mountainous areas and even on the ground. It is used for Observation.

Tijuana, Mexico – October 17, 2020

Neioh – This is a Mothership from Sirius. It is fully occupied and totally aware that filming is taking place. There are 40 on board but it will easily hold 200. There are smaller Crafts in the area that will enter on signal. This is just a Leisure Venture and these Crafts will be seen more often now.

King’s Lynn, UK – August 2020

Neioh – This is a Sirian Craft exploring and coming in close. They are aware of being filmed.

Bradford, UK – November 26, 2019

Neioh – This is a rare view of a Craft from Sirius. These are here for the Shift and are making their presence known.

Camden, New Jersey – November 6, 2020
Utica, New York – April 24, 2020

Neioh – This is a very large Craft from Sirius. It is occupied and stationary as it is in Observation Mode. It is with a Fleet of 20 that are equal in size. The Mothership is 40 miles up and each Fleet with any Race will re-enter when the signal is given.

Middleton, Australia – 2019

Neioh – These are from Sirius. They are not often seen and these particular Crafts are exploring and not doing any high Technology as others we have seen. They are in this remote area for actually leaving the Crafts and walking about. They are harmless and do not want to interact at this time. They are aware of Disclosure and are friendly with other Races.

Bogotá, Colombia, August 2022

Neioh – This is a colorful Craft from Sirius. These are never solo but this one is with a small group of 8. There is no Mothership and the other 7 are several miles above taking photos and exploring. They are allowing views and are very aware of being photographed. These are kind Beings and good friends. They are Peaceful and desire Unity for all Beings.

The Moon, filmed from China, September 29, 2022

Neioh – This is a large craft from Sirius. The occupants are exploring the area and will come much closer to the Earth following this footage. There are 20 more this size in the area. They understand fully that pictures are being taken. They are advanced with Pleiadian teaching and many of their crafts are designed very close to what has been taught.