What is "Full Disclosure"?

Kab, March 11, 2023 –  It’s not enough to know we’re not alone. You need to know which ETs are here, and why.

You won’t actually meet any ETs until after the Shift (there’s too much fear without expanded consciousness) but Pleiadians offer full disclosure for anyone who can hear it.

The trouble is, most people are waiting for disclosure to come from the same authority figures who have been hiding the truth from them all this time.

Full disclosure won’t come from people who go on mainstream news programs and have Pentagon officials whispering in their ear about reverse-engineered technology from UFOs of unknown origin.

Most of them are still hung up on proving ETs exist at all, and aren’t able to discern one ET race from another.

Keep in mind, the military industrial complex is largely unaware of which positive ET races are currently in contact with Earth, and contact with Galactic Federation remains limited to compartmentalized groups of white hats.

Many of these white hats who are working directly with Galactic Federation have their memories blocked to prevent conflicts with their soul plans.

Given their lack of insider knowledge, the military industrial complex’s main objective is keeping you unaware there are positive ETs here, or what their motives are.

The reason for this is, behind the darkest factions of the military are demonic entities threatened by these positive ETs, who are our true Elohim creators, our Angels of Light, and our Spirit Guides preparing our ascension to 5D.

Some of these media-recognized people in disclosure have good intentions, and some are motivated by ego. Whatever their intentions are, none of them will ever be able to say who is inside the UFOs.


You don’t need insiders to tell you we’re not alone. You already know that.

It’s time to discern the positive ETs trying to be seen from negative ETs manipulating us from places unseen.

Which insiders are awake enough to know angels from demons? Which are awake enough to know that Angels of Light travel in spacecraft?

Some government officials are scared and want to seem like they’re going along with disclosure because they can’t stop these UFOs from being seen anymore. Many of them want to confuse us about the dangers of UFOs or convince us they’re all operated by humans.

Full disclosure isn’t a matter of studying data. There’s no science that can reveal the truth. We’re dealing with inter-dimensional beings millions of years more advanced, who choose when to be seen.

All the UFOs currently being seen are Galactic Federation and close allies. Friends and soul families. These beings literally manage our soul plans. As I’ve said before, there can’t be UFO disclosure without a spiritual understanding.

Negative ETs are confined to Earth’s astral plane (non-physical) and negative crafts are being kept far from Earth. We are not in danger of UFOs, but by humans being controlled by unseen entities on Earth.

ET crashes are extremely rare and have only happened with less advanced races, such as with the Roswell crash. There have been crafts and technology left behind, which have been salvaged by the military, and there’s been technology given to military white hats by Pleiadians.

There have been human secret space programs in the past, but all of this is extremely limited these days because we’re so close to the Shift. There are currently no humans flying around in UFOs with bright lights trying to be seen.

To some people, knowing there are ETs visiting Earth is enough, but to others who are more awake, details matter.

Demand more from these alleged insiders. Asking better questions provokes better answers. If the answers don’t come from authority figures, the Shift will reveal the truth anyway. In the meantime, Pleiadians will keep disclosing.