Pleiadian Collective - About Mechet

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

You Are Not Only Friends To Pleiadians, But We Call You Family! (TIKEE).

There Is Life Unknown To Humans That Have Lived Millions Of Years On Faraway Stars! We Have Slowly Introduced Them To You With Great Love And Respect!

In This Communication We Will Share A Wonderful Race Called MECHET. Their Star Is Called MECHETIS. This Is Within The Milky Way Galaxy And Quite Easily Accessed By Our Crafts And Motherships.

Many Souls From This Race Have Entered The Magnificent Galactic Federation Long After The Lineage Of Elohim GF Was Formed. We Have Promised To Continue Revealing The Mass Operations With Consideration And Love!

Those That Entered The Light Forces Long After They Were Established Are Thought Of As Junior Members Even Though Their Skills Are Very High And Their Intention Is Great With Serving The Light! (ELAKO). These Members Travel And Work Alongside The Most Gifted And Powerful Souls Of Creation That Established The Galactic Federation. All Members Wear Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots. The Galactic Federation Continues To Accept New Members And This Will Always Be. All That Is Needed Is The Intention To Serve The Light As Well As High Operative Skills. There Is Always Knowledge To Be Gleaned With Experience!

This Race Stands 12 Feet Tall With Silver Skin. They Wear No Clothing Except For Meetings, Events And Celebrations. Their Leader Is SOOKENU. He Wears Capes And Robes With Crystals Around His Neck. These Beings Have No Hair And Their Features Are Very Human Looking In Aspects. Their Eyes Are Slightly Larger Than Humans.

MECHETS Procreate Energetically And Do Not Have Mates. Their View Is Oneness And They Have Chosen This Unity Over Duality. For This Reason They No Longer Incarnate To Earth. They Have Lived Many Lives As Human And Did Not Desire To Go Further In Expansion. They Choose Power And Complete Peace. Many Are Friends With Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans And Those From Sirius. They Will Join You In Celebrations As You Shift To SHEEN.

Their Homes Are White Marble With Many Levels And No Roof. They Enjoy Crystals And Fairies Throughout The Land. Their Trust In One Another As Their Own Soul, Allows Them Such Freedom In Sharing Joy Throughout Their Lives. They Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts And They Do Not Experience Death. Incarnating As Human Was Their Only Experience Of Death Of The Body Form.

They Enjoy Soft Lounging Chairs, Rest Areas And Shared Areas Within The Homes To Allow Large Numbers Of Friends And Family To Share Meals At Long Crystal Tables. Everyone Enjoys Sharing Wonderful Recipes Created By Large Colorful Fruits And Vegetables That Are Grown And Gathered By All.

Animals Are Very Large And The Most Common Pets Seen Are The Size Of Elephants. They Are Blue And Have Fur. There Is No Trunk As An Elephant. They Are Called ‘WASIO.’ They Enjoy Being Petted As They Rest In Soft Purple Grass With Translucent Flowers That Give Light As They Glow. Children And Adults Often Ride Around The Land On The Backs Of Their Beloved Pets. They Enjoy Animals Like Bears, Tigers And Horses With Wings. They Truly Love All Animals.

Those Preparing For Missions With The Galactic Federation Are Celebrated As They Leave As Well As When They Return. There Is Singing And Dancing With Drums And Many Instruments. The GF Are Honored And Loved For Their Ongoing Missions Of Light!

These Souls Are Aware Of You And Are Delighted That You Will Leave Duality And Embrace The Love Of Your Sacred Being Without The Distractions And Darkness That Has Developed On Earth!

In The Infinite Tapestry Of Life, You Are Completely One With All Others! The Only Barrier Is Your Own Perception!

Live As One And Your Light Will Cover The Planet!

We Are The PLEIADIAN COLLECTIVE!We Love You Infinitely In Light!