Neioh - Astral

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As We Have Shared Many Times, There Is More Life Unseen To You Than Your Pinpoint Of Consciousness In An Infinite Field Of Awareness! You Will Return To Expanded Consciousness As You Once Again Embrace Oneness As Well As Observing The Areas That Will Always Exist In The Non Physical Aspect Of Life!

In These Moments We Will Review The Astral Plane. To Those That Have Experienced Astral While Remaining In Your Waking Dream, We Are Certain That You Will Agree That Astral Is The Most Magnificent, Bewildering, Beautiful And Strangest Place You Have Witnessed.

Before Beginning The Never Ending Adventure, We Will Tell You That Astral Is Available To Explore In All Of The Higher Realms. The Creative Ability Of The Soul In The Elohim Races Is Able To Bypass The Non-Physical In Thought Forms And Instead, Intention Is Used To Manifest With The Light Of The Soul. Without Duality, This Is The Nature Of God. (Elako).

In Sheen, There Will Be The Ability To Transcend The Limitations Known On Earth And Create Many Aspects By Intention With Instant Manifestations. Some Expansion Of Life Will Always Be Before You In Learning And Growth. But This Is The Gift Of Life To Always Be More And Do More! Without Levels Of Learning, The Experience Would Not Be As Enjoyable. But In Sheen, The Ego Is Left Behind As You Assist One Another With The Perspective Of The Sacred Soul.

Let Us Begin!

Astral Is Known To Be 4-D. As We Have Always Stated, Numbers Are Used On Earth To Gain Understanding. In Truth There Are No Numbers Of Status. But Know That Numbers Explain Density (Vibrational Frequency) And Dimension (Location). The Higher The Frequency, The Less You Can See In 3-D.

Entering Astral In Consciousness Is The Only Manner For Humans To Travel. The Colors Are Vibrant And Alive With Movement. The Beauty And Light Shining Through Each Color Is Mesmerizing To Those Entering. Sacred Geometry Is Present And Moving With Shapes, Buildings, Towers, And Mountains. The Moment You Are Focusing On The Elaborate Scenery, It Changes And Crumbles Or Lifts Up And Slowly Becomes Something Else!

Animals Walk By And Never Glance Your Way. Colorful Objects That Cannot Be Named Will Flow Past Your Vision. Many Beings In Astral Walk Past And Look Intently At You! As You Realize That You Have No Idea What Is Coming Next, You Might Feel Tense Or Afraid.

Your Fear Is Correct For You See Your Own Thoughts In Form! Walking Through Astral And Around You Are Horrific Beings That Are Coming Your Way! You Can Open Your Eyes And Stop Everything! In The Beginning You Do This! You Must Learn That You Are In Control Of Your Experience! You Must Learn Of Your Power To Create!

There Are Angels, Fairies And Many Galactic Races Seen In Astral. There Are Many Energy Fragments And Scenes Of Ancient Dreams That Live In Your Expanded Consciousness. As You Realize After Traveling That You Are Experiencing A Pinpoint Of Awareness In Your Current Dream, You Long To Return To Astral And See More!

Every Single Aspect Of Life Begins In The Non-Physical. Every Thought Begins A Creation Of Form! You Were A Thought In The Mind Of God Or The Quantum Field. This Divine Essence Is Love And The Very Life Force Of Your Being! You Have Purpose With Being Here Now! You Are Created In Form From Spirit. You Had A Moment Of Transition From Energy And The Spirit Of God, To A Soul In Form With An Identity In Your Density-Dimension Of Origin!

As You Become Accustomed To Astral, You Will Notice That Life Moves And Mimics Your Thought Commands And Intentions. You Will Notice That Angels And Fairies Are Everywhere And They Sense Your Fear And Love. They Protect You From Aspects That Frighten You In Viewing. They Remove Entities And Even Some Races That Wander Through Unattended. You Will Eventually Learn Your Power. The Light Is There To Teach You!

Once Fear Is Realized As An Illusion, You Will Enter Astral To Experiment And Create. You Have The Ability To Fly In Body Form And Enter Trees And Explore Mountains! You Might Find Yourself In Another Part Of The Planet Or You Might Decide To Visit Your Origin! All Of This And More Is Possible In Astral!

Many Pursue Opening To Astral And They Never Have An Experience. Others Are Quite Shocked And Amazed When Another Reality Opens In Darkness And The Possibilities Are Endless. To Those Seers, Shamans And Men And Women With Ordinary Lives, The Wonders Are Unspeakable! These Souls Have Been Present In All Waking Dreams. But The Full Experience Of Astral Is Rare. It Can Be Described But Only The Experience Will Make It Real For Each Soul.

What Can You Take From This? Know That You Are Just As Powerful As Any Soul That Travels In Astral Daily. Soul Plans Have Everything To Do With The Moment Of Experience Or The Delay. Some Will Never See Other Realms Until They Experience Expanded Consciousness With The Grand Shift!

Know That All Life Seen Was Once Unseen!

The Moment Will Be When You Know, Just As You Are Known!

I Love You So!