Baltic Sea Anomaly

Ikai – The Anomaly In Question Is That Of A Small Incapsulated Traveling Container Which Carries Cameras And Viewing Equipment To Scan Parts Of The Planet In Specific Areas.

This Is Not Ours As We Do Not Have These Blunders. This Is From A Planet Outside The Galaxy Which We Call AZEE. This Is An Ancient Race Of Beings Which Have Progressed Little In Terms Of Gathering Information. We Do Not Feel A Need To Put Others Down In Their Efforts, But This Is A Bit Laughable. These Beings Mean Well But Have Far to Go In Exploring. They Are Called ORITITES.

These Beings Are 9 Feet Tall And Are A Yellow Tint To Body Form. They Stand Erect As Human And Breathe On The Sides Of The Head. They Have Continually Crashed Much Of Their Equipment On Multiple Planets. They Mean No Harm And We Wish Them Well. We Do Not Share Our Technology At This Time. This Should Answer The Curiosity Of Many.