Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael works closely with Elder Ikai and travels with Galactic Federation through the galaxies. Michael is a close Friend to Pleiadians and has great love and respect for them. He visits Taygeta and plays games with the children and visits with Ikai and other Elders in his Meeting Hall.

“His Wisdom is his Power.” Neioh

His consciousness can be accessed as he wills, much like Christ Consciousness. He can also choose to prevent some to access this. He is pure and can open to who he wills. People should not pray to Michael but can meditate to access his Consciousness. In doing this it is important to give commands that no other being can enter this space and put white Light around you. Some lower entities might try tricking some.

Archangel Michael stands about 6′ 2″ and his hair is white. He always wears a silvery blue. His casual clothing is loose fitting and resembles a kimono with pants. When traveling in crafts with Galactic Federation he wears regal, ethereal robes.

Archangel Michael has never incarnated on Earth.