Angels: An Overview

Two Kinds of Angels

The word itself means “Messenger”. Benevolent ET Races have been called Angels, and then there are a separate Elohim Beings called Angels.

Both assist humans. The Galactic Races serve as Guides and incarnate as humans themselves. As Guides they are able to communicate with humans in various ways. Angels assist and take human form, but don’t serve as Guides or speak directly to humans.

For clarity, Pleiadians do not refer to themselves as Angels, yet this reference still exists in scripture. Humans used this word to describe a variety of “Messengers”.

In Light Language, Angels are called FACEE, and Archangels are VAFACEE. For every incarnated Pleiadian, there are 6 Angels and many Archangels that assist continually. Angels Move Through All Densities And Dimensions.

Pleiadians and Angels

Neioh – In The Perception Of Ancient Times Pleiadians Often Visited For Long Periods. Our Language Was Shared And Spoken With Many Beings. We Have Always Had Archangels As Friends In The Pleiades. However, Angels Never Spoke With Men. These References Of Angels Are Actually Speaking Of Pleiadians. We Are Not Angels. We Are Not “gods”. In Those Times Of Having Crafts Come And Go, We Were Called, “Sky gods” And “Angels”. There Are Multiple References To Our Crafts And Visits. We Are Here With You Now In Timelessness. You Perceive Life In A Linear Aspect. We Live In Light And Reach You In Consciousness. We Are Love!

About Angels

Neioh – We Take This Moment To Teach You About Angels. Angels Are Created Beings That Exist In All Densities Angels Do Not Have Wings. They Are Able To Manifest As Human. They Remain Close To You And Feel Your Feelings And Vibration. They Move In Their Body Form Which Is Ethereal But They Can Appear As Solid When Manifesting To Assist.

In Times Where Scripture Was Recorded, There Were Many Stories Told. These Were Well Intended But Not Accurate. As Pleiadians Came Often, We Were Welcomed Among The People. We Taught Them About Our Life And Brought Many Animals, Musical Instruments And Art. We Taught Many Of Ways To  Construct Their Dwellings. We Brought Crystals. This Was A Time That There Was No Fear Of Crafts Coming And Going.

People Often Believed We Were Angels Or Sky-Gods. We Taught Them About Who We Are And Why We Came To Assist, But Rulers Of That Day Had All Control Of Recording The Events. We Are Teaching You Once More To Consider Truth And Not Stories.

Archangels Are Also Very Sacred. They Are In A Different Ranking, To Use A Word You Would Understand. They Are Powerful Beings and They Do Incarnate If They Choose.

Many Of The Most Beloved To You, Are Incarnated Now And Have Many Times. Archangel Michael Often Travels With IKAI And The Galactic Forces. He Is A Close Friend With Our Family On Taygeta.

Archangels Interact In Many Galaxies As Friends To Others. Whereas Angels That You Have Heard About, Only Love And Assist. They Do Not Become Friends. At Moments They Choose To Be Seen In An Ethereal Form For The Purpose Of Comfort. They Are Intelligent And Compassionate And Wish For Many To Know Of Their Presence. This Is Their Intention Of Allowing To Be Seen At Times.

Angel Wings

Angels and Archangels were depicted with wings primarily because they represented birds which were used as “Messengers”, which is the original meaning of the word Angel.

Elohim fly in body form without the need of wings. This is true for Fairies, Pleiadians, Angels and Archangels. Angels have appendages of energy to either side of their body which look like wings. These are not used in flight and are often straight down to the sides while they fly. In higher realms and in deep space, these “wings” will rise high in recognition of other Beings of Light.

Neioh – The Purpose for having Wings is because the Wings Emit High Vibrational Frequencies and are Encoded with Sacred Downloads which are spread throughout the Cosmos where they travel continually. These Downloads are projected to areas and those that are resonating at a High Frequency will receive them. Not all are ready. They increase the number of strands of DNA and assist a Soul in Awakening.

Angels and Light Beings

Aya – My Desire In This Communication Is To Further Discuss Angels And Light Beings. We Have Shared This In Many Moments But In Great Delight, We Have Joined With Increasing Numbers Of Family And Review Is Always Helpful. Come Closer Until I Feel The Beating Of My Heart With Yours! I Love You So!

Now We Begin With Sacred Angels! Created In ELOHIM, These Beings Of Divinity Have No Wings As Taught In Many Scriptures. It Is Indeed Beautiful To See Depictions Of This, But Angels Move And Fly Freely In Body Form. They Are Completely Multidimensional And Live And Exist In All Densities (Vibrational Frequencies) And Dimensions (Locations.)

In Your Realm Of Density, Human Eyes Cannot Perceive That Which Vibrates At A High Level. So, You Can Know Without Doubt That You Are Surrounded By Angels! These Loving And Powerful Beings Are Messengers, Protectors And Can Manifest As Human Form To Assist, Guard Or Share A Message Of Comfort Or Information.

They Are Seen In Deep Space, In A Stationary Stance As Though Watching And Waiting For Matters Pertaining To The Cosmos, As Well As The Individual Stars And Planets. They Have Often Manifested In Their True Form In Bedrooms, Places Of Mourning Or Accidents In Remote Areas. They Can Manifest As Human To Be A Paramedic Or A Sudden Stranger That Pulls One From A Fire. They Are Seen In Astral And Among The Darkest Entities. Fearless And With The Essence Of Infinite Life, They Will Never Experience Death. They Do Not Incarnate As Archangels Have. We Will Discuss Archangels In Another Communication. Angels Are Seen To You By Lowering Their Vibrational Frequency. For Those That Are Seers, Angels Can Be Seen In Darkness, With Eyes Closed And At Requesting. Expanded Consciousness And The Pineal Gland Activated Permits Humans To See. All Will Return To Seeing And Experiencing Multidimensional Life!

Now We Discuss Our Beloved Light Beings! These Are Seldom Discussed By Humans As There Has Been Little Teaching Through The Waking Dreams. Their Primary Focus Is To Raise Vibrational Frequency. This Is A Magnificent Purpose And All Life Benefits! These Beings Are Completely In Light Form. Their Bodies Are Unclothed And They Move At Will Through The Densities. Created In ELOHIM, They Have Existed Since The Beginning And Are Infinite Beings. Light Beings Never Manifest But Their Presence Is Healing And Always Beneficial. They Are Highly Concentrated In Groups Where There Is War Or Darkness. They Emit A Light Frequency Directly To The Area Chosen. We Love Them So!

Two Angels Manifest

Neioh – Although this may be perceived as an unusual shape, it is perfectly normal. What you are viewing is 2 Angels that are traveling and changing Vibrational Frequencies. They seem to merge into one and this is simply because you are no longer viewing the Entire Energy Field. When Angels or Fairies change Frequencies, there are areas that will look Ethereal and part will show as Light Flashes or moving Energy as they move along. You can perceive in this viewing there are 2 which give the unusual overlapping shape which then seems to merge and the Field vanishes to human sight.

Caught On Security Camera Floating, Walking

Angels Manifesting in the Sky

Neioh – They come together as ONE and Etherically Blend and then spread out again. This is Magnificence and Divinity as a sign of these moments as all are Vibrating Higher.