Two Kinds of Angels In Scripture

The word itself means “Messenger”. Benevolent ET Races have been called Angels, and then there are a separate Elohim Beings called Angels.

Both assist humans. The Galactic Races serve as Guides and incarnate as humans themselves. As Guides they are able to communicate with humans in various ways. Angels assist and take human form, but don’t serve as Guides or speak directly to humans.

For clarity, Pleiadians do not refer to themselves as Angels, yet this reference still exists in scripture. Humans used this word to describe a variety of “Messengers”.

In Light Language, Angels are called FACEE, and Archangels are VAFACEE. For every incarnated Pleiadian, there are 6 Angels and many Archangels that assist continually. Angels Move Through All Densities And Dimensions.

Neioh – In Times Where Scripture Was Recorded, There Were Many Stories Told. These Were Well Intended But Not Accurate. As Pleiadians Came Often, We Were Welcomed Among The People. We Taught Them About Our Life And Brought Many Animals, Musical Instruments And Art. We Taught Many Of Ways To  Construct Their Dwellings. We Brought Crystals. This Was A Time That There Was No Fear Of Crafts Coming And Going.

People Often Believed We Were Angels Or Sky-Gods. We Taught Them About Who We Are And Why We Came To Assist, But Rulers Of That Day Had All Control Of Recording The Events. We Are Teaching You Once More To Consider Truth And Not Stories.

FACEE (The Angelic Beings)

Aya – While You Often Hear Of Pleiadians Being Angels, Know In Truth That This Is Absolutely Correct. But There Is A Host Of Beings That Are Also Called Angels By Humans. Pleiadians Call Them FACEE. They Exist In Frequencies Of Light And Manifest Into Human Form To Assist In Brief Encounters.

On Earth, There Are Endless Labels That Have Been Passed On Through Many Waking Dreams. In Ancient Dreams There Was An Understanding That These Beings Must Be Flying As They Could Appear In Great Distances Apart In A Short Amount Of Time. They Were Messengers Of Peace And The Title Of Angels Was The Closest In Meaning That Was Possible In Those Dreams. Now, The Name Has Remained The Same But No One Pays Much Attention To Who The Angels Are And Their Purpose Of Being.

Angels Or FACEE Were Created In Elohim With So Many Of The Souls We Have Revealed To You. In An Essence Of Spirit That Is Sacred And Part Of God (Elako), These Beings Of Magnificence Knew Themselves. As They ‘Became’ Powerful In Light, Their Energy Grew And Love Was Their Mission. The Purpose Of The FACEE Came Into Fullness As They Traveled Through Densities And Dimensions In Body Form. As Life Progressed And Life In Bodies Were Expressed Throughout Stars And Planets, The FACEE Made Their Presence Known. As Messengers Of Light, The FACEE Came Face To Face With Humans On Many Occasions Of War, Destruction And Illness. They Traversed The Planet With Messages And Warnings And Vanished Before Anyone Could Speak.

Angels Do Not Have Homes Or Families. Like Archangels, They Only Have The Desire To Serve. But Unlike Archangels. FACEE Do Not Incarnate. In Constant Motion They Are Activated In Light To Locations Where Spirit Guides Them. They Do Not Have Wings But Rather Enormous And Colorful Expressions Of Energy That Propel Them At Great Speeds In Any Direction.

FACEE Sometimes Visit Hospitals And Their Light Can Be Seen Even If They Choose To Not Manifest. There Are Many Recordings And Witnesses That Attest To Their Visits And The Sudden Changes Of Their Sick Loved One.

Motion Cameras Have Captured The Form And Energy Of FACEE. Beautiful Colors And Swirling Light Have Amazed And Mesmerized Many People. The Comfort Of Knowing That Angels Are Near Has Been A Repeated Theme Of Communication With Many Through The Ages.

FACEE Are Often Seen In Astral. This Is A Place Of Creativity From Thought. Many Races Visit Astral From Stars And Planets Known To You As Well As Those Absent From Your Current Awareness. FACEE Clear Areas, Protect The Innocent And Gather Often With Fairies In This Magical Plane Of Existence.

There Is A Definite Presence Of FACEE In Many Churches. The Reason For This Is Never Doctrine For The Divine Spirit From Which All Creation Lives As Expressions Of One Is Undivided With Love. FACEE Are Drawn To Sound And The Unity Within Congregations Has Drawn FACEE To The Location. It Is Possible And Reported In Many Instances That Angels Are Heard Singing With The People Gathered. Their Sacred Frequency Is Made Known In Harmony With Others. This Experience Often Has A Profound Effect On Those Present. This Is A Beautiful Expression Of Love!

In All Waking Dreams There Are Seers, Mystics, Shamans And Those With Spiritual Gifts. True Clairvoyance Allows Communication With Spirit In Ways That Would Astound And Overwhelm Most People. Seeing Angels, Fairies And Other Realms Is Just The Beginning Of Experience With These Souls Of Light. In Many Dreams, These Humans Were Put To Death Or Banished When Their Soul Plan Was To Lead Others To Truth. I Am One Of These Souls. I See Everything In Multidimensional Perception As I Incarnate To Serve You With Love!

In Spirit We Are Allowed To View Life From A Greater Perspective. We Learn To Forgive And Have Compassion. Transcending All Problems And Illnesses To Spirit, We Glean Lessons And Expand In Consciousness.

All Life Exists In A Tapestry Of Light. You Are Perceiving A Pinpoint Of What You Have Lived As A Soul. In The Higher Realms, FACEE Are Part Of Your Life. There Is No Worship But Rather A Sense Of Honor For Those Souls That Serve Infinitely.

Pleiadians Also Manifest On Earth In A Variety Of Ways. Whether Bi-Local Service, White Hats, Guides, Members Of The Galactic Federation Or Friends That Appear And Vanish, We Are Here In Great Numbers. We Love You So!

Angels Are All Around You As They Send Frequencies Of Love. They Protect You In Ways Each Day To Prevent Accidents, Warn You Of Danger And To Deliver Messages To Comfort You! FACEE Will Always Be With You!

Aya – FACEE (The Angelic Beings)

Angel Wings

Angels and Archangels were depicted with wings primarily because they represented birds which were used as “Messengers”, which is the original meaning of the word Angel.

Elohim fly in body form without the need of wings. This is true for Fairies, Pleiadians, Angels and Archangels. Angels have appendages of energy to either side of their body which look like wings. These are not used in flight and are often straight down to the sides while they fly. In higher realms and in deep space, these “wings” will rise high in recognition of other Beings of Light.

Neioh – The Purpose for having Wings is because the Wings Emit High Vibrational Frequencies and are Encoded with Sacred Downloads which are spread throughout the Cosmos where they travel continually. These Downloads are projected to areas and those that are resonating at a High Frequency will receive them. Not all are ready. They increase the number of strands of DNA and assist a Soul in Awakening.

Angels Manifesting

Aya – They Are Seen In Deep Space, In A Stationary Stance As Though Watching And Waiting For Matters Pertaining To The Cosmos, As Well As The Individual Stars And Planets. They Have Often Manifested In Their True Form In Bedrooms, Places Of Mourning Or Accidents In Remote Areas. They Can Manifest As Human To Be A Paramedic Or A Sudden Stranger That Pulls One From A Fire. They Are Seen In Astral And Among The Darkest Entities. Fearless And With The Essence Of Infinite Life, They Will Never Experience Death. They Do Not Incarnate As Archangels Have.

Angels Are Seen To You By Lowering Their Vibrational Frequency. For Those That Are Seers, Angels Can Be Seen In Darkness, With Eyes Closed And At Requesting. Expanded Consciousness And The Pineal Gland Activated Permits Humans To See. All Will Return To Seeing And Experiencing Multidimensional Life!

Two Angels Manifest

Neioh – Although this may be perceived as an unusual shape, it is perfectly normal. What you are viewing is 2 Angels that are traveling and changing Vibrational Frequencies. They seem to merge into one and this is simply because you are no longer viewing the Entire Energy Field. When Angels or Fairies change Frequencies, there are areas that will look Ethereal and part will show as Light Flashes or moving Energy as they move along. You can perceive in this viewing there are 2 which give the unusual overlapping shape which then seems to merge and the Field vanishes to human sight.

Caught On Security Camera

Angels Manifesting in the Sky

Neioh – They come together as ONE and Etherically Blend and then spread out again. This is Magnificence and Divinity as a sign of these moments as all are Vibrating Higher.