Soul Plans

Earth is a School not a Prison

Earth-native souls have been reincarnating in a low vibration system created by fallen Elohim, which Elohim of Light decided to use as a training ground for Souls. Ascension is the moment humans break free of continuing the cycle in duality, and can exist separate from the Fallen Elohim.

Souls Choose the Human Experience

Judith – Part of the experience is always assisting Earth as you Expand in Consciousness. This applies to all Souls. You discover deep aspects of your own Soul as others mirror back to you what is really there. You do the same for them. Some experiences you choose to repeat for growth or you have Mastered an area and you choose to teach this. There are unlimited variables as you return again and again as male or female. You completely make the choice as a Soul to live as human. Your family of Origin is always aware of you and they also have incarnated many times. In all lifetimes you have a Spirit Guide. There are Angels watching over you and God lives in you, as you. Your Higher Self is God. This is the ‘I AM’ Presence that is encoded in all Souls. You are never alone.

Who Controls Your Soul Incarnations?

The Soul chooses the incarnation, and the Elohim Light Forces (Galactic Federation) manage the process. Family, Friends and Guides help Souls choose incarnations between lives. All Souls are light, but the identity can become dark in many incarnated lifetimes, the being is out of alignment with their Soul purpose. The fallen Elohim have been participating in duality both as the unseen spiritual Dark Forces, and as human incarnations also chosen by them. These roles are only going to be allowed until the moment of Ascension, and even though Light Forces have been allowing duality for the experience, those who chose darkness will pay the price. The Soul is never destroyed, but the original being can be taken to the Central Sun.

Soul Groups

A Soul Group can be from a connection from the moment of creation. These can be family or friends from stars that we remain vibrationally connected with throughout all waking dreams. Your Soul Group may or may not share your exact origin. We will unite with all souls from our akashic when we shift.

The Soul Cannot Be Harmed

All Souls were created in perfection. It is the repetitive choice of darkness that is the Identity chosen that makes the Being dark, not the Soul. If an identity chooses darkness over and over, it is because the vibrational frequency is so familiar that this is who they want to be, or experience again and again. They are attracting dark or negative energy which is in their consciousness, in an aspect that was once perfect. The Soul is not part of this. A Soul cannot be harmed or become evil.

The stories can change as you know, which is the false identity, but if there is repetition of choosing to harm, with no consciousness of compassion, the identity, is so dark that even though the Soul has made a new plan, the remembering upon arrival becomes the dominant force, and they are once again not aligned with their Soul.

Those that choose darkness have become as entities living in a body, detached from a Soul connection. Going to the Central Sun, or being destroyed, is the entity who has become totally dark and resistant by choice to Light. All is free will and even with another chance and choice, they want to be dark.

As far as incarnations from planets to Earth with a purpose, it is also with their Family and Friends as to who comes. But it is the Soul that arrives. Pleiadians and others are bi-local to Earth but can use aspects of Soul in multiple other ways if needed, as in showing up in body.

If there is a low frequency planet, and they will incarnate and face physical death, then just as Earth they are non-physical for as long as they choose, or they can reincarnate or return home.


Neioh – WE wish to teach You more about reincarnation and the Soul’s choice. Before each Incarnation, there is a Meeting of Souls. In this Sacred Meeting, there are many Decisions made. It seems that there is much confusion about life choices. However, it is very important to understand that once You enter this time-space Reality, You would not choose to have disability, pain or any type of suffering.

Why is the True for all? Because once You enter the Story of “You”, the Ego takes over. This is not the Soul. You forget Your Plan. You “think” You are this person with a name given to You. You struggle to understand all of the many trials You face. You witness so many going to the dark side. Others hold on to religion as a way of false safety. In Truth, You are always safe!

Awakening is realizing that You are living a brief story. You are a Powerful and Sacred Soul that is having a brief Human experience. This is one of unknown numbers You live in form. You will remember Who You Are when You leave the body. Awakening is knowing this before the body dies.

WE also want to remind You that You are sharing this time-space with others in the chosen dream. All have Free Will that is Gifted from our One Source Creator. So there is much suffering and Heartache as the witness to what You want to stop or prevent. But You are not able to change the Story for others or for Yourself except in the moment. The many things that occur in your Life here were not planned by You. Many of them were. Nothing is wasted. Even the worst pain can be a catalyst to change for the better.

WE invite You to a Higher View of Humanity. To know that it is possible to find Peace Within in a perceived planet of pain. To Choose Love over Fear. To learn True Forgiveness. Realize the impermanence of the Story of “You”.

The Soul Enters at Conception

Neioh – What Do You Dream About Awake And In Sleep Mode? You Are Always Dreaming As We Have Always Shared This! You Are Living A Waking Dream; An Aspect Of Consciousness With A False Created Identity. You Need The Body To Maneuver In The Story Or Else There Would Be No Need For Body Form At All. Stay With Me Now And Listen Carefully. Breathe.

Who Needed The Body Form? This Is Your Proof That You Existed Before Birth. Some Will Call This Non-Physical Life Form, A Soul. Others Will Simply Know It As Consciousness. All Created Aspects Have Lived Multiple Times As Many Beings. Each Life Is Sacred And Created With Thought And Intention. There Is One Creator Of All Which Is Unnameable. But Each Created Being Has Created Thought Constructs For Reference Of The Sacred One.

For This Teaching We Are Addressing The Aspect Of Each Creation As A Soul. The Soul Is On An Endless Journey Of Discovery, Change, Learning And Expanding. All Is Simultaneously Happening Although This Reality Perceives A Linear Experience.

When Does The Soul Enter The Created Body Form That Will Be Born? The Moment Of Conception Is The Sacred Union Of Body, Mind And Spirit. There Would Be No Union Without A Soul First Making The Decision To Be That Person. The Soul Has Decided Where To Be Born And For The Reasons That Are Within That Aspect Of Being.

Each Soul Is Unique And Has Lived In Every Conceivable Way. In One Life The Soul Might Live As A Mother Of Many Children; In Another Life The Same Soul Might Be A Ruler Of Nations. Karma Is Never About Punishment But Instead It Is A Balance Of Energy And Experience. For This Reason, One Who Has Experienced Hunger And Poverty Might Choose Wealth.

In Non-Physical The Soul Is Aware Of All Other Lives And Considers Mistakes And Choices. Many Types Of Lives Are Repeated To Assist The Soul In Mastery Of An Issue.

We Would Certainly Urge Those Who Are Taking The Lives Of Newborns To Know They Will More Than Likely Experience The Same. This Is Murder And Wrong At The Level Of Perception.

Many Would Ask Why A Soul Would Agree To Being Murdered When It Is Such A Painful Topic And Many Suffer At The Thought Of This. There Is A Larger Experience Of Spirit Going On And This Soul Is Part Of The Change That Will Soon Be. Abortion Was Never A Plan Of The Divine For Any Reason! These Sacred Souls That Are Being Killed Did Not Plan This But Rather Agreed To This For A Raising Of Consciousness In The Masses So That Such A Mighty Change Would Occur That This Could Never Happen Again. The Darkness Comes And Then There Is Light! You Are In The Midst Of This Darkness Now.

10 Planned Soul Interactions

As a Human Being, You have 10 Beings in your life that are carefully chosen pre-birth by you and your Guides. 5 of these will be in your life at various stages. They are human and are catalysts for major changes. They can assist in creating a painful situation to help you grow or awaken. They can be a Love relationship, a Parent, a Friend. The role is not important.

Many more will come and go, but 5 are chosen. The other 5 are non-physical. They can be a Lead Guide, a Friend or Love that chooses to be with you at different times or all the time. These can be from other Planets, including your Home. Their purpose is always Love and pure Intent. Not all of these are Guides. Why 10? The 10 Beings each have a role in awakening a particular energy Gate or Chakra in your life. There are many awakenings going on.

The Non-physical Beings CAN be a Guide but are not necessarily a Guide. There are other Non-Physical that can come and go in your lifetime that just send Love into your Field, or Cleanse and Repair Chakras.

Matthew 22:14  “Many are called but few are chosen”

7 Exit Points

In your lifetime Waking Dream you will have 7 exit choices by your Soul. This explains why some Babies, children, teens or those that are still young and die when their life seems perfect. The Soul has a Plan to GIVE or to Learn and Expand, to Teach, and when this is done is not known to another. A baby has a Soul that is ageless, Infinite, Powerful, and if they choose to leave, it might be that they came to teach the parents about Love, or to let go of the Story, or a thousand things. When someone is in a car accident and they report leaving the body and looking at the wreck, this is an Exit point, many choose to leave, some stay. Some live to be 100 but in that span, there has been at least 6 exit points by then, the 7th is their final. We all can look back and see moments that were exit points. Maybe spared from a wreck, a robbery, an illness, ect.

Walk-In Souls

There are situations in which a Soul will exit from the present incarnation and another Soul will take its place. This would be because of a drastic interruption of one’s Soul Plan in such a way that there is no recovery. A person could survive a traumatic event but that Soul might choose to leave immediately if this alters their path too much. There are other situations where an individual is placed to achieve a goal for the light and another Soul enters to assure it is accomplished.

Twin Souls and Soul Mates

Twin Souls are multiple aspects of the same soul incarnated at the same time.

There can be many vibrational matches for each soul incarnation, which some people interpret as Soul Mates, but there can be a deeper meaning as well.

There are situations where Mates from their origin find each other as human, and they are true Soul Mates.

Extraterrestrial Groups Currently Incarnated on Earth (Starseeds)


How many different Soul Origins have there been in total since the beginning of the Earth?


Neioh: Pleiadian Souls

The Pleiadians are highly evolved spiritually and understand the ways of Earth and all planets. We do not die either except in the story in body form. All is existing in the Field, the Quantum Field, the Mind of God, the Multiverses, or the name chosen. All Life is connected, even if it is dark and light, because these are only because of the perception of duality in that density and dimension. Oneness is Truth and Pleiadians understand this, and this is why We do things as we do. We Teach and Protect.


There are 2,830 Souls incarnated from Taygeta. There are many Pure Pleiadians on the ground that come and go. The ones here now are because of the Shift.

Archangel Soul Incarnations

Pleiadians have shared that there are 3,850 Archangels incarnated in human bodies for the Shift. There are 802,058 Archangels assisting us in non-physical.

All Archangels can incarnate for a Purpose greater than just to experience duality as a human. Archangels are the only beings who are immune to any form of negative entity attachments while human. Other humans can pick up astral parasites through negative behavior. This is a major advantage when an Archangel incarnates as part of a greater plan to bring truth.

When an Archangel chooses to incarnate there are meetings with Pleiadian contacts. They commune in a sacred group and go over all aspects of a proposed incarnation and make decisions about what will be best. Many who work in these groups are here on Earth now and are being drawn in by this information.

Bi-local Service

Neioh – Pleiadians consider all that is done for others to be Service and we do not call anything work. The Service is to the Light! We Honor the Light as our Source of Life and Creation. Pleiadians and Arcturians often Serve the Light with Bi-local Service. This means that the Soul on the Star has a Name of Soul and Origin. They are more than Spirit. They live in form. These Races have been given Powerful abilities to Project an Aspect of their Soul in Consciousness to another location. When doing this, a body is Projected also. The body can be seen in 2 places. The Consciousness is fully integrated and knows both places and what is going on. To move and perform this way requires the Soul. An Aspect of the Soul is simply a chosen part of the whole that can stand in and perform and then return to the Complete Soul at the moment of leaving. This is very brief, but allows rescues without crafts. This is only one kind of Service to the Light. There are many.