Dreaming Awake

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As You Perceive Your Waking Dream, Realize In Truth, It Is Not Your Dream!

This Dream Is Collective And Consciousness Is Shared.

An Analogy That You Might Relate To Is Entering Your Home And Closing The Door.

You See What Is Before You In Your Home And The Rest Of The World Is Outside.

Remove The Home And You Stand Again In An Open Space And You See And Experience Others.

Go More Deeply Now As You Remove Your Body As Well As All Others.

What Remains Is The Soul With Energetic Fields Connecting Infinitely.

Consciousness Has No Beginning Or End As This Infinite Field Is The Mind Of God.

The Quantum Field Has Unending Possibilities And Creative Power!

As You Live Your Waking Dream, You Are Sharing The Dream With All Others On Your Frequency.

As Life In Human Form Ends And The Body Dissolves, That Soul Has Simply Left The Dream And Changed Frequencies. The Waking Dream Continues With New Souls Entering In Form As Others Exit The Dream.

Would You Agree That There Would Be Much More Peace If Humans Could Comprehend The Sacred Choice To Enter A Dream To Share With The Intention To Grow And Expand And Teach One Another?

Many Believe This Is Their Dream Because A Tiny Bit Of Awareness Is Focused On The Ego Or False Self.

To Become Aware Of Life As It Truly Exists, You Must See Yourself In Another.

You Do Not Have To Embrace Their Teaching Or Bring Them Into Your Life.

Simply Look. Observe. They Will Not Know. Ask Yourself What They Are Teaching Me In This Moment?

Rather Than Feeling Discord And Bristling, The Villain You Perceive Might Have A Gift For You.

This Is Your Choice. Take A Closer Look.

Is This Gift, Tolerance, Patience, Empathy, Motivation To Change, To Not Be The Traits You See In That Person Or Yourself? Every Person You See Has A Gift Of Teaching For You!

That Person That Annoys You The Most, Might Be Your Greatest Teacher If You Can Get Over Yourself For A Moment.

What If That Teacher Was Your Best Friend In Your Last Life, Your Guide In Another, Your Mother Or Father In Origin?

What Then?

The Next Time You Watch A Flock Of Birds Streak The Sky By The Hundreds As They Move In Synchronicity, Understand Fully, This Is Not Nature That Has Practiced! You Are Observing Collective Consciousness! These Birds Are Flying As ONE.

In This Dream You Share, Know Fully There Will Be A Moment Of Change.

Telepathy Allows The Sharing Of Consciousness.

Awakening Fully Allows All Memories Of Every Waking Dream That Felt So Real!

Collective Consciousness Will Show You That In All Dreams Your Soul Was In Control As Your Identity Felt Chaotic.

Now You Will Understand Peace And Infinite Light!

Indeed, We Love You So!

Some Will Dream On!

Others Will Dream Awake As We Gather To Unite!


In Light We Live!

In Love We Rise!