Pleiadian Collective - September 21, 2022

Friends Of One Light!

You Are Discovering Your Own Essence As You Cultivate Your Inner World!

Becoming Strong And Courageous As You Observe The Planet In Utter Chaos, You Will Find That Peace Covers You Like A Warm Blanket Of Safety And Love.

Knowing That Each Soul Wrapped In Flesh Has Their Own Set Of Changing Variables Will Allow You More Patience To Know That Your Journey Does Not Match Their Perspective, Nor Was It Meant To!

Truth In All Beings Will Mirror To Another The Reflections Of Changes Achieved And Those Aspects Before You That You Are Able To Lead And Assist One Another! As You Are All On A Path To The Same Destination.

Not Allowing Another To Choose Their Path Is Never Correct. Would You Choose Their Food Or Clothing? Freedom Is A Gift And Allowed With Honor As Long As One Being Is Not Harming Another.

Allow Another To Have Their Beliefs And Opinions, As You Are Not Here To Change Anyone. Sharing Your Truth Is Admirable And You Have Planted A Seed. But The Change And Growth Is Completely Up To The Individual.

The Higher Frequency Of Kindness When Teaching Or Making A Point, Will Draw Another To What You Speak. Being Sarcastic Or Loud Will Block The Information Intended To Assist.

Truth Needs No Defending. Make Your Point. Smile And Leave!

You Are Interacting On A Stage Of Life Together. You Are Playing Many Roles As You Come And Go. Each Of You Chose To Be Here And Many Live With Souls They Have Lived With In Multiple Dreams. Everyone Is A Teacher For Another. The False Identity Or Ego Will Always Speak Until The Soul Teaches The Being To Be Silent. Observe. Know Peace.

There Are Many Moments Where Peace Is More Important Than Being Right. You Know Your Truth But Allow Another To Have Their Own Truth. A Moment Will Come When Both Of You Have Met Variables And Added To Your Current Knowledge Or Changed And Removed Aspects You Once Believed. Suddenly You See And Hear One Another!

Your Presence Is The Connection To Offer With The Highest Vibration When Your Intention Is Set For Truth And Light!

When Your Intention Is Set For The Highest Outcome Of Good For The Planet, You Will Need No Step By Step Plan. ELAKO Will Guide Your Path As Light Has Always Covered You!

As Each Develops And Perceives From Their Individual Vantage Point, Be Assured That The Soul Is Fully Aware In Expanded Consciousness Of The Amazing Journey You Are Making As The Collective!

Like A Beautiful Tapestry, Allow The Individual To Complete Their Own Pattern That Connects Infinitely To The Whole.

You Are One In Light As You Move And Experience As Many!


We Are The Essence Of Divinity That Will Guide You In Light!

Our Love Cannot Be Measured As We Infinitely Expand!