Neioh - Advice Moving Toward Shifting - November 26, 2022

Beloved Friends!

Embrace What You Know To Be Light And Let Go Of The Rest!

Meditate Each Day With Gratitude To Intensify The Vibrational Frequency Of Self And The Planet!

You Will Begin To Feel Pressed To Assess Your Life Decisions And Direction As You Observe That Your Choices Are Indeed Making A Difference In The Collective As Well As Your Individual Lives!

This Observation Will Intensify And Allow You Moments To Make Obvious Changes To Assist Your Well Being And That Of The Sacred Planet Earth. You Cannot Change Another But You Can Change Yourself With Intention!

You May Find Yourself Feeling Compelled To Make Radical Changes In Your Life Circumstances That Would Result In The Severing Of Ties With Situations That No Longer Serve Your Highest Purpose.

It Will Become Clear To You That Certain Relationships And Certain Activities Have Become Obsolete, In Terms Of Your Soul’s Journey!

You May Already Be Aware Of The Intensity Of The Influence Of Your Surroundings And The Individuals Which Either Assist You In Rising Higher In Vibration Or Diminish And Destroy Your Peace And The State Of Being That You Have Achieved.

Never Be Afraid Of Change When Wisdom Tells You It Is Time To Leave The Situation. Many Will Allow Toxic Relationships Far Too Long, Simply Because They Feel Uncomfortable With Change.

Allowing Change Will Create The Space For Light To Bring Exactly What You Need!

Be Brave And Strong And Make Choices That Benefit Your Life Now.

The Path Of Light Is Always There!

Make Choices After Meditating And Communing With Your Soul. As You Align With Your Soul, You Will Have Peace!

Ask Yourself Now If There Is Perfect Peace Within. Listen To The Voice That Speaks As Your Higher Self And Your Sacred Guide.

Truth Calls To You In All Moments.

Listen And Walk Into Greater Light!


I Love You So!