Doorway on Mars

Neioh – There are many forms of Life on Mars. Many choose to be unseen. Focusing on this photo, you are observing many Aspects. This is a Race that is small in number and stays to themselves. There are other Races present and there is no conflict. The door structure is precise with edges and all of the Race lives together beneath the surface. This is a structure to hide or become unseen to visitors in the area. Other Races in the area are more as you would imagine with upright walking. The ones that live beneath, have an insect look. They speak to one another. They live on the contents of minerals and water. They have tunnels and precise living quarters within. They reproduce and work continually on building mass areas deep within. To give a name that would translate, you would call them STEO. They do not wish to communicate with others. Think of them as working like ants and looking like wasps standing without wings.

Neioh About Life On Mars

Friends Of Earth! You Live With Diversity On Your Beloved Planet With Many Races, Cultures And Sizes Of Humans. Many Of You Have Wondered About The Planet Mars And What Kinds Of Life Forms Live Here! There Are Photos Now That Have Clearly Shown You Structures With Entrances That Have Been Designed With Intent.

There Are Many Beings Living Beneath The Surface As Well As Races Of Beings That Live Separately And Above The Surface. Just As Some On Earth, These Beings Do Not Socialize With Others And Stay To Themselves. They Are Very Different In Nature And Activities. We Will Begin With One Race That Is Very Different In Body Form From Others.

This Race Is Known As STEO. They Live Underground And Stay Completely To Themselves. They Stand On Two Legs But Their Body Is Much Like An Insect. They Use 4 Other Appendages As They Stand, To Carry Bits Of Minerals, Rocks And Water Held In Their Mouth As They Surface For Food. There Are Many Pools Of Water On The Surface As Moisture Builds In The Atmosphere And Briefly Streams In A Dark Green Color In The Area. There Are Very High Temperatures In Some Areas And Ice In Others. Much Of The Surface Is Dry With Lots Of Rocks And Debris. There Are Plants That Can Survive In All Temperatures. These Are Consumed By The Beings Above Ground.

Another Race You Might Want To Know About Are Called BLAKEE. They Have 2 Arms And 2 Legs With Webbed Fingers. They Are Red In Color With A Rough Skin Texture. They Have Black Eyes That Are Slanted, A Narrow Nose With 2 Slits And A Tiny Circle Shaped Mouth. They Live On Water And Vegetation. They Feel Love And Pain But They Have Chosen To Remain On The Planet And Not Communicate With Others. They Procreate And Live Thousands Of Years. When Their Body Form Dies, They Incarnate Again Into The Race Very Quickly.

There Are Many More Races With Names And Descriptions Which Would Be Very Strange To You. But Understanding That Life Exists In All Places, Know In Truth That There Are Life Forms Throughout The Cosmos That Would Be Either Beautiful Or Horrific Looking To You! Some Beings Live In Oneness While Others Have Always Chosen Duality. Many Enjoy Travel While Others Never Leave Their Home.

In Many Ways, You Might Identify With The Many Choices And Ways Of Living. Knowing You Might Fear Many Of These Races, Understand They Would Be Much More Fearful Of You!

If You Take Anything From This Information, Allow It To Bring You To An Understanding Of Earth. Maybe Judge Less And Love More! Maybe Try Tolerance And Negotiations Without War. On Earth, All Beings Sleep, Eat And Procreate. Everyone Wants To Be Loved! Send Light To All Created Beings In All Places Of Creation!


Neioh – Life on Mars – November 8, 2022