Neioh – Beloved Friends! Perhaps You Have Heard Of Lemuria And Wondered If This Is A Mythological Land Or A True Place That Existed In A Beautiful Waking Dream Unknown To Humans Now. As We Explore The Answers In A Manner You Never Knew About, Let Us First Ask The Questions That Some Have Probed Throughout Many Dreams.

Who Were These Beings? Did Lemuria Really Exist? What Was Life All About? What Did They Do? Did Lemuria Sink And Become A Lost Continent? Where Did The Beings Go? We Will Begin With Now And Work Our Way To The Thriving Continent!

In These Moments, Beneath Any Depth Surveyed Or Explored On The Hidden Floor Of The Indian Ocean, Lies A Land Of Paradise With Buildings, Art, Caverns, Statues And Dwellings With Rooms That Remain Intact. Such Beauty Is Seen In The Pleiades With Vivid Turquoise, Gold And Crystals Still Standing In Ancient Pottery. There Are No Lemurians Here Now. But They Are Very Much Alive With Great Peace!

On A Sunny Day As They Played And Swam, As They Prepared Meals, Created Games And Shared Love, Fed Unicorns And Golden Horses, Danced With Fairies And Sang Melodies; A Vibration Was Felt. Life Went On With The Tropical Paradise As Dolphins Jumped And Smiled With Joy! These Beings Of Beauty And Love Were From Stars Of The Pleiadian Cluster That Are Unnamed On Earth!

Their Skin Was The Color Of Rainbows As They Stood 8 Feet Tall. They Were Blue, Yellow, Orange And Pink. Their Beauty Shone In The Brightness Of The Light! A Vibration Became Louder And Was Felt. They Stopped For A Moment And Listened. Then Continued With Their Glorious Day. They Heard The Sound Come Closer. Like A Roar As Vibrations Grew.

A Tsunami Was Rising Miles Into The Air As They Continued To Sing And Feel Joy! We Watched And Agreed With The Light Forces, That These Souls Must Be Assisted.

Arriving In Seconds With Our Largest Motherships, We Gathered All Beings, Animals And Dolphins. The FAE Had Given The First Alert And Their Presence Saved All Until The Light Forces Arrived. As The Motherships Lifted Off, The Continent Began To Break Into Pieces.

The Tsunami Rose And Covered The Land As It Slowly Begin To Sink From The Breaking Of The Floor. Down And Down It Went With The Beauty Of Homes And Columns Still Intact. Miles And Miles Downward Until It Settled In The Power Of The Ocean Floor.

The Lemurians Looked On In Disbelief. Their Beautiful Creation Was Gone. Life Continued On Earth With Primitive Humans That Were Just Beginning To Thrive And Learn. Lemurians Were Going Home!

Arriving On Their Home Star Of Origin They Were Transformed And Renewed. They Understood Their Choice To Come To Such Beauty And Create Paradise As They Knew In The Pleiades. Fairies That Lived With Them In Lemuria, Live With Them Now. Their Look Is That Of A Pleiadian, But They Will Always Remember Their Rainbow Skin.

So Millions Of Years Ago, This Place Unknown To You Was Very Real. It Remains As A Jewel Of Colors In A Place Unseen To Humans! EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So!

Neioh – Lemuria