Laka - On Transcending - September 25, 2022

Greetings Beloved Ones Of Light!

The Momentum Toward The Unification Of Starseeds Returning To The Higher Realms, Brings Joy Throughout The Cosmos. This Magnificence Is Well Underway As You Observe The Changes On The Planet!

The Force Of This Momentum Is The Truth Of Life Itself And Cannot Be Impeded.

For The Power Of Light Is Quite Literally Unstoppable, Showing All Life The Capability To Manifest Fully And Continue Creation Infinitely!

This Vibrational Essence Is Every Conceivable Expression Of Life! You Are Truly Part Of This Expression Of Light!

There Are Variables For Each Being To Experience As We Move Closer To The Shift. These Are The Result Of The Individual Choice Each Makes By Free Will.

What Is Optional Are The Exquisite Heights Of Joy To Which Those Aligned With Their Soul Intention Are Destined To Travel. What Is Optional Are The Traumas That Will Be Co-Created And Experienced By Those Whose Choices Reflect Their Embodiment Of Separation From The Momentum. What Is Optional Is The Sense Of Confusion Of Those Who Are Marginally Aware Of The Reality Of Their Ability To Make A Difference In These Final Moments Of This Waking Dream.

Life Is Moving Forward, Dancing With The Wind, And Harmonizing With The Joy In The Newborn Breath Of Every Life Form On The Planet.

This Is The Dance Of Creation That Beckons To You In These Times To Open Your Heart And Remember!

This Is The Reality That You Are Capable Of Manifesting At This Crossroads Of Time And Space That You Perceive As Your World.

The Moment Of Transcending All You Thought To Be True, Will Fill You With Enough Light To Illuminate The Earth!

And This Is The Only Moment That Will Take You The Full Distance And Deliver You Directly To Your Destination.

This Moment.

Meditate And Feel This Moment!

Feel The Beauty Of Your Home, Now!

In Love We Rise As One!