Light and Timelessness

Friends Of The Changing Earth!

We Embrace You With The Light Of Creation!

We Send Vibrational Frequencies Of Love At Your Great Endeavors To Embrace Change And Transformation!

It Does Not Matter Whether You Embrace Who You Really Are In These Moments,

For Many Souls Have Chosen Paths Of Experience To Act As Catalysts In Awakening!

ELAKO Has No Agenda With Regard To Your Infinite Transformation As You Live In This Light Of Creation Infinitely!

You Are Perceiving Time In A Creation Of Timelessness While Having The Experience Of Identity On Earth!

Your Sacred Soul Is Fully Aware With Expanded Consciousness And Ever Calls You Into Alignment To Bring Peace!

Friends In Higher Realms Beckon You Onward And Watch With Anticipation As You Remember Your Light!

The Stage Of Your Journey At Which Your Recognition Crystalizes Brings With It The Sense Of A Plateau.

But This Is Not The Place Of Arriving.

This Is The Moment Your Awareness In Infinite Consciousness Opens Enough To Remember Your Beginning.

These Increments Of Awakening Are Happening To All Souls.

You Know. You See. You Understand. Then You Quickly Retreat Back Into The Waking Dream.

But Your Vantage Point Will Have Changed As You Now Recognize The Changes Within.

You Are Aware Of This Waking Dream With Layers Of Energy That Bring You Visuals Of Other Places.

You May Find That Aspects Of This Lifetime That Once Held You Captive Are Of No Interest Now.

You Realize In The Truth Of Being That Nothing In Your Outer World Can Bring You Peace Or Power!

Arriving With The Direction Of Light, You Find You Carry The Power Of Being!

Looking Within You Discover Your True Self And Find That You Are All You Have Searched For!

In A World Of Distraction, Chaos And Empty Promises,

The Moment Has Come To Anchor Your Being In The Light That You Truly Are!

You Are Safe And Covered With The Love Of Many!

In Light We Rise As One!

I Love You So!