Laka - About That Sleep! - November 30, 2022

Beloved Friends!

Knowing That You Only Experience Timelessness In Your Soul’s Experience,

Will Allow You To Relax And Stay Present As There Is Only This Moment.

Living In 3-D Earth With Clocks, Calendars, Phones And Appointments Will Surely Convince You Of Time!

If You Took This All Away And Aligned With Your Soul, You Would Find Contentment In All Moments!

For We Tell You Often That This Moment Is Perfect!

But For Sharing Aspects Of Being While You Remain In 3-D, Let Us Explore Some Truths To Assist!

As You Live On One Part Of The Planet That Is Sleeping, You Understand The Other Side Is Fully Awake And Busy!

In Truth, You Are In The Same Moment!

Before Sleep And Upon Waking Each Morning, Know That These Are The Most Beneficial Moments To Meditate!

The Reason For This Is Programming Your Subconscious Mind.

For Once Your Subconscious Accepts An Idea, It Will Use All Resources You Have Every Known And Mostly Forgotten To Bring About This Idea Which To Your Subconscious Is Truth.

This Allows You To Understand The Importance Of Intentionally Thinking Positive Thoughts.

Through Your Waking Dream, Your Thoughts And Beliefs May Change, The Brain Is Rewired With Neurons But The Significant Changes Only Occur When The Subconscious Gains Control.

Then You Are On The Right Path! It Is Very Important To Speak And Believe The Words You Allow Before Going To Sleep And When You First Wake Up!

Now, We Come To The Great Part To Remember!

While You Are Sleeping, You Travel In Expanded Consciousness. You Visit Many Places Including Your Origin. This Is Done In REM Sleep And Most Of These Travels Are Not Remembered. Some Of Them Are As You Pass Through Levels Of Consciousness And Are Becoming Awake.

Why Is This Important? If You Find Yourself Waking Early And You Look At A Clock Which Sends A Message That You Need To Go Back To Sleep, How About Ignoring This!

Sleep Is Very Important And You Might Try Going To Bed Earlier To Assure Proper Sleep. But Waking At 3am Or Close To This, Is Significant Because You Are More Aware Of Spirit Here Than Hours Later. You Are Fresh From Communication With Spirit Guides And Communing As The Spirit Of God Within. You Have Been The Awareness Of Your Soul In The Moments Unknown To You.

This Is The Sacred Time For You To Commune And Meditate. To Speak And Believe What You Desire In Your Life! To Understand Spirits, Angels, Guides And Loved Ones Are Sending Frequencies Of Love To You! These Are Precious Moments To Remember Who You Are And What Really Matters!

Do Not Go Back To Sleep If You Awaken In The Early Morning While Darkness Covers The Life Around You!

These Moments Are Gifts To Receive Blessings From Spirit!

Many Who Experience This Each Morning Will Tell You They Feel Better Than If They Had Gone Back To Sleep!

Planning Life Around Earlier Sleep In The Evening, Will Change Your Life As You Learn About This Window Of Perceived Time In The Essence Of Timelessness!

Indeed, You Are Cherished By Many!


I Love You So!