Laka - Varginha UFO Incident

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

Many Souls From Higher Realms Have Watched Your Actions And Abilities Progress Through Millennia.

Others Have Pondered Ways To Attain Your Technology And Progression As Their Own Has Been Rather Broken At Times! Still Others Have Had The Assistance Of The Light Forces And Continual Upgrades And Teaching To Assist With Their Endeavors In Traveling And Communication With Other Crafts And The Manner Of Living On Many Stars.

In This Communication, I Will Speak Briefly About A Star Called NOZETEK. The Beings Are Called NOZ, In What Would Translate As Sound In Your World. This Is A Small Star In The Milky Way Galaxy Which Is Inhabited With Life And Created By The One Source Of All.

Understanding Fully That Your Appearance Might Frighten Visitors From Other Stars, Know Also That Many Beings Are Harmless And Yet You Might Project Fear Within As You View Them!

The NOZ Stand 4 Feet Tall With Oily Brown Skin. Their Head Is Larger Than Humans With Very Large Red Eyes. They Have No Nose And A Slit Mouth That Serves For Breathing, Consuming Sustenance And Communication.

The NOZ Wear No Clothing And Procreate Energetically With No Mates. They Share In The Care Of Children. They Are Millions Of Years Old, Yet Live In A Very Primitive Manner. Being Content As A Non-Progressive Race With No Businesses For Advertising, No Drugs Or Toxins Sprayed On Their Water Supply, Finding The Joy Of A Simple Life Became Easy And Acceptable. There Are No Wars As They Accept Their Entire Star As Family.

They Sometimes Create Colorful Beads With Tiny Crystals And These Are Worn When Each Child Becomes An Adult. They Are Carefully Kept In Cave Areas And Not Worn Daily. Possessions Are Few With The Exception Of Suspended Beds From Strong Ropes That Are Seen In Tree Areas And Within The Cave Areas For Privacy.

They Consume a Substance Called TEK, Which Is Like Bright Blue Moss. It Is Rich In Nutrients And Eaten Daily With Fresh Water. They Exercise By Running And Swimming In A Bright Orange Ocean. They Hike Red And Brown Mountains Which Are Rich In Iron And Many Minerals. The Thick Oil Secreted From Their Pores Also Absorbs The Elements Needed To Sustain Wonderful Health.

They Enjoy Drums And Music Made With Crystal Flutes. Dancing Is Seen By Jumping Up And Down. This Brings Joy And Raises Their Vibrational Frequency. Their Beloved Pets Are Colorful Small Reptiles That Are Gentle And Very Loving. They Are Seen In Bright Yellow, Orange, Green And Blue. To You, They Would Resemble Large Lizards.

Over Thousands Of Years, Many Visitors Came To NOZETEK. The NOZ Were Taught To Utilize The Abundant Amount Of Metals And Rocks To Begin To Learn Craft Formation. These Friends Were From Stars Not Affiliated With The Galactic Federation, But Had Been Offered Assistance With Types Of Technology Which The Light Forces Felt Free To Share With Those Races That Struggled With Travel.

The NOZ Desired To Explore And Over Time They Created Simple Crafts That Were Flown In Nearby Pathways And Returned To NOZETEK With Great Excitement. This Group Of Souls Remained Timid And Fearful Of Those That Created War On Their Own Planet. They Desired To Grow And Have Galactic Friends. But They Never Felt Ready To Compete In Travel, Speed Or Technology.

They Created Small Crafts That Explored And Sometimes Came Close To The Earth As The NOZ Were Fascinated At The Endless Activity Of Humans.

In 1996, Over The Area Of Brazil, A Small Craft That Was Occupied By 6 Beings From NOZETEK, Had Been Hit Hard By Debris. Much Higher Than The Earth’s Atmosphere, The Small Craft Had A Large Gash And Was Losing Altitude. In A Panic Mode They Descended As More Power Was Lost. They Scrambled For A Plan To Make Contact In A Mountainous Area As That Seemed Familiar. But To Their Dismay, They Landed Hard And The Craft Was Incapacitated. The Friends Aboard Were Injured And Terrified.

A Rush Of People From The Area Along With Military Officers And Local Police Brought More Fear As They Were Surrounded. Not Being Able To Move From Their Injuries And Gasping To Breathe In Another Density Made Them Weak And Frail. They Were Being Grabbed And Plastic Was Thrown Over Some To Gather Them For Probing And Inspection. One Young Officer Gathered A Being In His Arms Without Using Any Covering. His Contact With The Skin Of The NOZ, Lead Him To Absorb A Bacteria Unknown To Earth Physiology. This Caused The Young Man To Become Sick And Die.

The NOZ Were Contained First In Brazil And Then As They Quickly Died In Body Form, Their Sacred Souls Returned To NOZETEK. Their Bodies Were Treated Like An Experiment And Became A Top Secret Operation As The Sealed Containers Of The Remains Of The NOZ Were Sent To US Military Bases In Fort Bragg, In North Carolina. Here They Remain As They Have Been Sealed And Dissected To The Cellular Level.

These Loving Beings Enjoy Their Life. They Circulate Light And Do Not Experience Death Of The Body On Their Star. In The Event Of Their Destruction On Earth, They Incarnated As Infants And Began Again With Their Infinite Life In Form. Their Crystal Hearts Are Pure And Their Intention Is To Know You As Friends As The Earth Shifts To SHEEN.

Many Of You Will Embrace Them As Loving Souls And They Will Learn Many Aspects Of Life As You Become Leaders For Many Throughout The Multiverses!

In Love We Live!
In Light We Remain!

I Love You So!