Laka - Walk-Ins

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As You Now Understand Starseeds, Earth Native Souls And A Host Of Other Life Forms Expressing, We Share A Topic Of Ongoing Interest For Many!

These Souls In Form As Humans Are Called ‘Walk-Ins’.

Where Do They Originate, Who Are They And What Is Their Purpose For Arriving?

All Walk-Ins Are Starseeds With A Name And Specific Origin Of Creation.

Their Purpose Is To Swap Places In A Body Form With A Starseed Soul That Has Carried The Story To A Certain Point. These Souls Know One Another And The Discussion Was Made And Decided Before The Human Life Began!

There Are Multiple Variations Of Reasons For The Swap.

Let’s Say That A Soul Decides To Create A Story That Is Wonderful But They Wish To Experience A Physical Malady To Understand Life In All Aspects. They Arrive And The Illness Or Malady Expresses In The Years To Come. The Human Form Is Fading And At Times There Is Great Suffering. At A Certain Point The Souls Communicate And Connect Energetically As One Leaves The Body And The Other Enters. With A New Vibration, Attention Is Given To The Form In A Manner Of Healing And Restoration. The Story Continues.

In Another Example, There Might Be An Auto Accident And The Body Is Dying. The Soul Is Observing From Above And Notices All Of The Injuries And What It Would Take To Recover. The Soul Friend Who Has Also Been Observing Will Assure The Soul That They Are Ready To Begin The Entrance. The Agreement From Long Ago Is Put In Place.

Many Might Wonder If Family Or Friends Could Tell A Difference. There Would Be Subtle Differences At First But The Downloading Of All Information Is Quickly Assessed And Incorporated Into The One Life And Story. The Soul Completely Adapts As The Life Force And There Are Changes In The Human Physiology.

There Are Many Situations That Have Had Soul Agreements Change And A Walk-In To The Current Life Is Not Needed. The Moment Comes And The Soul Assesses The Situation And Decides To Re-Enter The Body Again To Continue The Life. Many Will Relate Stories Of Being Above Their Body And Observing The Activity Of Others, Conversations And Seeing Other Beings. Some Have Called This Experience, NDEs, Or Near Death Experiences.

There Are Thousands Of Walk-Ins On Earth Now. You Might Have Family Members Or Friends That Were In Dire Situations And Came Through It With Stories Of Beings Of Light, Other Worlds Or They Discover New Talents And A Zest For Life Not Present Before.

Most Walk-Ins Have Enhanced The Life Of The Human With Guidance To Discover The Sacred Essence Within. Though It Sounds Strange To Many, The Life Of Each Soul Is Infinite And Can Arrive Twice In A Lifetime! As Long As There Is An Agreement, The Soul Has This Power Of Being!

There Are Pets That Have Had Walk-In Souls! If A Pet Is Close To Death Of The Body, That Soul May Choose To Exit As Another Enters To See Life Through. Another Amazing And Meaningful Moment Of Information, Is That Your Pet’s Soul May Choose To Incarnate Into A New Body To Be With You!

Life Is Wonderful And Spectacular As You View It From The Soul’s Perspective!

It Is All An Experience Of Spirit And Consciousness! It Is All Created In Love!

You Have Lost Nothing! You Have Gained Infinite Wisdom For Millennia!

There Is Never A Permanent Goodbye As You Meet One Another Again!

Be At Great Peace! Find The Light In All Souls Before You!

I Love You So!