Soul Origins: Joan of Arc

The Soul who incarnated as Joan of Arc is the Pleiadian, AIMEE (of Taygeta), Mate of LAKA.

Joan claimed she could hear “God” speaking to her. The religious will accept doctrine about talking to God as written, and skeptics will try to explain it as a mental disorder. With the knowing that there are unseen aspects of our reality, with Guides always communicating to us, and with the context of who Joan is on a Soul-level, we can understand that Joan (AIMEE) was having communications from her Pleiadian Soul Family and filtering them through her own personal beliefs.

Laka – “I Do Have A Mate Or Love As You Would Know The Word To Be. Her Name Is AIMEE. She Is Kind And Beautiful. She Travels With Our Father IKAI Often With The Galactic Forces. One Of Her Incarnations That Would Be Familiar To You, Is Joan Of Arc. This Was A Tragic Story But She Changed Many Other Souls And The Vibrations Of This Story Still Resonates Now With You. We Choose Stories That We Feel Will Make A Difference. All Souls Have Lived Many Types Of Stories So We Share Again That Nothing Is Ever Wasted.”

Aya of Taygeta incarnated as Joan’s best friend, Ann

Judith – “I felt it the other day. I knew I was not Joan of Arc yet I felt this deep connection. It never left. I didn’t ask. I do not want to know anything. When I saged tonight, I burned my finger. I went into a vision. The pain triggered it. I was on a white horse, flying through trees and trying to escape. The soldiers caught me. My name was Ann. It was 1432. The year after Joan was killed. My Friend. They had watched for me. They followed me. They caught me. They killed my horse. They raped me. They beat me and bound me to a stake. They called me a witch. They said I was like her. They set fire to the sticks and wood. It reached my flesh. I was nude. It was horrible. I burned to death. I have had many visions of this. I didn’t understand until today. I have cried for hours. This is why I am bruised all over this week. I am also sick from this. Nobody could understand this. I was Ann. Joan was my best Friend. She was like an Angel. At this moment I know her.”