Scripture Decoded: Jacob's Ladder

Ikai, Elder-Leader of Taygeta

Jacob was a soul incarnation of Ikai, Elder of Taygeta, Leader of Pleiadian Forces, and Father of Laka, Neioh, Kabamur and Akatu. Jacob is a central figure in mainstream Earth religions as the patriarch of the Tribes of Israel. The Tribes of Israel are a bloodline with increased Sirian genetics, which has been influential in many ways throughout human history.

Jacob and his family were very awake. Jacob knew he was different. There were many Galactic Federation-connected Elohim who were incarnated around him, including all of our Taygeta Family. There was direct contact with Pleiadians going back to Noah, which was mostly forgotten post-Flood.

Abrahamic Religion

Abraham was the grand-father of Jacob. Abrahamic religions and the stories about the Tribes of Israel play a major part of our collective human consciousness because it represents the duality that we live in. There are forces of light and forces of darkness, and forces of darkness pretending to be light.

Sky Gods and YHWH

In ancient times, many generations knew of the sky gods (anunnaki) and many worshiped them. This was never what benevolent visitors wanted. The idea of YHWH originated as a true way to talk about God-Source, like ATEN or ABWOON. It meant Source. In re-editing these stories, YHWY became the name of an individual sky god. The true teachers of God-Source were all targeted and their stories were twisted to confuse people.

What is “Jacob’s Ladder”?

This was a vision shown to Jacob by Pleiadians representing Dimensions and Densities. The ladder was the change in frequencies that “Angels” (Pleiadians, Arcturians, other) experience when incarnating into duality, and a representation of all the generations that would experience dark and light until the Shift.

Did Jacob wrestle an Angel?

Jacob was having Pleiadian contact, and was also having a major awakening of who he was. This was actually very hard for him to deal with, and it came out as anger and ego. Through visions, Pleiadians were trying to show him the bigger picture.

The Angel that Jacob wrestled was himself – his Higher Self, Ikai. His human ego won the battle and this made Jacob remorseful. Pleiadians were giving him the vision to help him remember his plan. At times still felt like Ikai, and this was to bring him back to the story. Details were later added to scriptures in the retelling.

Pleiadians were sometimes referred to as Angels, which were understood to be human-looking beings with supernatural abilities who interact and assist humans.