Ikai - Shifting - October 1, 2022

Beloved Friends Of The Light!

Greetings From Our Finest Team Members As We Survey The Magnificent Planet!

Remember To Choose Your Thoughts To Override The Perceptions That Come Your Way Incessantly!

Cultivate Inner Peace And Visit This Sacred Place Continually!

You Are Heading To SHEEN Whether You Consciously Subscribe To Such Ideas In The Present Moment Or Not.

For The Energy That Propels You In That Direction Does Not Emanate From The Limited Perception Of Your Conscious Physical Identity, But Rather, Is Being Directed From A Place Of Greater Awareness That Knows That You Indeed Desire To Return To The Great Light Of Your Being. Full Force! Full Throttle! Let’s Go!

You Will Arrive At Your Destination! That Is Guaranteed

In These Moments Left In Communication, I Tell You To Remember Who You Are!

Cover With Light, Those That Desire To Cause Destruction!

Light Prevails Always, So Remember Fear Is An Illusion Of Energy Projected By The Mind!

Only Love Is Real!

Only Light Will Remain!

Flying High!

Gathering Momentum!

You Are Safe!

Unite In Light!


I Love You So!

ELDER IKAI, Galactic Federation