Galactic Federation Fleets

Neioh – “Seeing Crafts is another way We assist others to break through the Matrix and remember they have other Origins and are here to Awaken.”

Galactic Federation Fleets are small crafts, which can be occupied with 1 or 2 passengers, or unoccupied. They are used for various Galactic Federation operations, and are visible to us for the purpose of disclosure. They are meant to look innocuous to the average person to avoid causing fear, while provoking interest in those ready to ask deeper questions. Fleets are often mistaken for sky lanterns or drones, and this is by design. They can be the size of a small car or smaller if unoccupied. They can be perfectly round like a sphere or morph into an oval or pill shape. Larger crafts and Motherships use the same morphing technology.

Each Craft will have windows that can be quickly covered to be solid and impenetrable to any foreign object. The windows can be tinted or brightly illuminated. There is always a large viewing window and occupants can walk around the Craft with ease and monitor the exterior through windows or viewing screens. Some Fleets have no occupants and the Mothership will accommodate any preferences for a mission.

 USS Kearsarge – October 2021

South China Sea – November 24, 2021

Witness (Pilot): “South China sea, 9 lights visible in video, then it becomes 12 lights in formation, closest object disappears then 3 more objects reappear on outside of formation. Filmed at 39,000 ft over the South China Sea, lights all then slowly vanish.”

Paternson, NJ – October 2021

Waianae, Hawaii – May 31, 2021

Witness – On May 31 I was doing time lapse in the sunset and saw two lights crossing the Northern Plains Inn then shortly after a swarm chasing it and as they the two objects change direction the swarm followed after.

New York City – 2010

Thousands witnessed an Arcturian Fleet, which actually aired on CBS as “glowing orbs floating over NYC which some are calling UFOs”

North Carolina Coast – September 18, 2019

Neioh – There are many underwater Stations as it is a great place to remain private. Water is also a powerful conductor of Energy.

Over the ocean – August 31, 1994

Witness – “There were seven lights. They’re keeping pace with us.”

Wichita, KS – November 26, 2020

Neioh – This is a Pleiadian Craft that is part of a Fleet of 30.  It is more of an Oval Shape but this can’t be seen due to the film and movement. It has dropped altitude and is exploring Solo. The Craft will join the Fleet when the Mothership Signals and all will return to altitude 50 miles straight up.

Sayville, NY – October 16, 2020

Neioh – This is a Pleiadian Fleet Of 30, with a Mothership 20 miles up. The Crafts are free flying for exploring and socializing. When this is completed, all will be called back and line up and enter the Mothership.

Albuquerque,  NM – October 5, 2019 (Mass Sighting)

Neioh – This is a Fleet of our finest from the Galactic Forces. They are being seen with intention. This Mission is checking Frequency and Codes of Crystals beneath the Earth’s surface. These are being seen all over the planet. A few fortunate people will film them! Pleiadians enjoy this as the work for Crystal placement has increased and expanded as Awareness and Awakening is rapidly upon the Planet. There are no areas where there is not Crystal placement, including oceans. Some of these Crystals are being used now to communicate Earth to the Pleiades.

Bossier City, LA – January 5, 2020

After this story went viral, the local Sheriff’s Office claimed that they were informed the lights were Military Planes. According to eye-witnesses, the lights were repeatedly flashing different colors and were often not even moving at all. Here’s footage edited together from several sources.

King of Prussia, PA – February 15, 2020

Neioh – How can people not know how many of us are here! It is just a matter of time!

Detroit, Michigan – October 14, 2020

Neioh – Pleiadian Fleet!

Simi Valley, CA – January 1, 2021

Witness – Multiple glowing red craft would appear from behind some hills to my south, then hover, increase altitude and turn to the west on an ascending trajectory before flickering out. The pattern repeated for about 30 minutes.

Giza, Egypt – December 3, 2020

Neioh – This is an Arcturian Fleet. There are 40 in this Fleet and not all are seen. The Mothership is 20 miles up. The Purpose of this Fleet is to measure Crystal placement beneath the ground. The Crafts are able to come together and look to be as One. When this is done they are interfacing and able to see within the other Crafts which have complete Transparency all around. When Data is collected, the Mothership will signal and all will Ascend to the open Ramp and enter the Mothership.

Orbs Removing Toxins in Chemtrails