Aya - On Remembering - November 16, 2022

Beloved Ones Of My Sacred Heart!

If You Truly Could Understand The Love That You Are In Form,

You Would Smile Within Your Soul As You Allowed Your Divine Presence To Shine Through!

In These Brief Moments Of Communication, I Connect My Frequency To Your Heart!

Without Judgement, Allowing Flaws, Knowing No Competition, Bring Forth Your Love For All Life!

Understanding The Identity Is Full Of Questions, Doubt And Pain,

Know Also That The Soul Is Whole, Untouched, Fully Aware And Desires Alignment For You!

You ARE The Soul!

Embrace The Human Being In Form With Great Love!

This Is The Waking Dream You Have Chosen To Have Traveled Through Perceived Timelines And Stories And Repeated Scenarios For Soul Experience!

For A Moment, Forget Everything Bothering You In This Story Of You!

Remember Who You Are!

We Will Now Imagine That There Is No Social Media, No Cell Phones, No Computers, No TV Or Radio.

In Many Waking Dreams, This Was True. Many Were Alone. No Humans Near. No Help To Be Found.

Go There.

You Are The Same Soul Now As In Each Dream.

Go Further Into Timelessness. You Felt. You Loved. You Became. You Survived Or You Returned To Origin.

All Of Life Is Perfect And Unending. You Had Many Adventures! You Returned To Your Family Of Origin And Excitedly Shared Everything. They Already Knew! All Of Those In The Higher Realms Are Aware Of You In Each Waking Dream.

Then It Was Your Turn To Remain On Your Star And Allow Other Family Members To Enter Dreams And Explore.

You Sent Love To Them And Understood How Cruel Duality Can Be. You Welcomed Them Home!

Over And Over We Choose To Live On Earth And Forget Who We Really Are!

Then Fragments Of Awakening With Color, Sounds, Dreams, Knowing And Meeting Our Guides, Calms And Refreshes Our Being. We Remember A Place Of Beauty. Then It Vanishes To Our Awareness.

I Am A Messenger Of Love! I Have Always Known You And Loved You Through The Ethers Of Timelessness. When There Was Only Telepathy I Spoke To Those That Would Gather Now.

This Place. This Dream. NOW.

I Was Formless As I Was Created In Elohim. I Spoke In Tones And Color As I Became.

I Have Traveled Far And Now I Wait For You!

Rest Beloved Ones! This Is The Final Dream!

I Cover You With Light And Remind You Of Your Power To Cover Others!

Go Within, Beloved Ones! The Silence Of Your Soul Will Bring Only Peace!

I Gather My Frequency Of Love And Will Tell You That I Am Not Far From You!

I Hear You And See You! I Love You So!

Together We Rise As One!


I Love You So!