Aya - I Am Love

Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Who Am I? Who Are You?

In The Midst Of The Darkest Night, We Are Light!

In The Most Fierce Wind Of Unexpected Circumstances, We Are Power!

In The Brokenness Of Beautiful Dreams, We Begin Again, And Again!

Through Homes That End And Children That Leave, We Continue With Grace!

When News Continues With The Unimaginable And We Weep For Strangers, We Find Our Heart!

Through Peril And Wrong Choices We Learn Great Wisdom!

Through Nights Of Not Knowing The Answer, We Find Ourselves In Sacred Silence!

Beloved Ones, I Love You So And This Will Always Be!

I Have Lived Through All I Speak About So I Could Bring You Love!

I Had To Understand The Meaning Of Everything, By Becoming Everything, By Living Everything!

Precious Ones! You Are Not Alone! Know This As Truth!

Reach For The Promises Of Light When Others Wish To Destroy You With Words And Attacks!

Find The Sweet Essence And Power Of Your Soul As You Remember That You Are Infinite!

Allow The Chaos To Bring You To Peace As You Rest In The Love That You Are!

Breathe Deeply And Know That All Is Well And Beauty Unseen Surrounds You Now!

I Am Love And I Have Spiraled Through The Ethers Of Infinity To Tell You That You Also Are Love!

Be That Love Now As You Watch The Vibration Connect And Spread To All Others!

For Love Cannot Be Divided. It Can Be Denied, But It Is Eternal!

Rest In This Love, Precious Ones!

I Love You So!
AYA~Goddess Of Taygeta