Archangels: An Overview


In Light Language, Angels are called FACEE and Archangels are called VAFACEE. Archangels and Angels were created in Elohim, like the higher star races, and the Fae. Their Purpose is to assist all Creation. They carry Sacred Energy. They can easily adapt for a specific purpose. Some incarnate into mortal lives.

The ancient Watchers in Scripture include both Galactic Races, often called Angels, and Archangels. For every incarnated Pleiadian, there are 6 Angels and many Archangels that assist continually.

Archangel Incarnations (Provided by Neioh, 2017)

802,058: Archangels here assisting in non-physical
3,850: Archangels incarnated in human form.

Archangels are immune to negative entity attachments, while other kinds of starseeds are not.

Neioh – Archangels Are Very Sacred. They Are In A Different Ranking, To Use A Word You Would Understand. They Are Powerful Beings and They Do Incarnate If They Choose. Many Of The Most Beloved To You, Are Incarnated Now And Have Many Times. Archangels Interact In Many Galaxies As Friends To Others. Whereas Angels That You Have Heard About, Only Love And Assist. They Do Not Become Friends. At Moments They Choose To Be Seen In An Ethereal Form For The Purpose Of Comfort. They Are Intelligent And Compassionate And Wish For Many To Know Of Their Presence. This Is Their Intention Of Allowing To Be Seen At Times.

Laka – When Traveling, I Often Choose To Be With My Father, IKAI Who Is Elder Of Taygeta. AA Michael Travels With Us And Is Our Close Friend. ArchAngels Are Much Different From The Angels And Light Beings That You Are Surrounded With At All Times. ArchAngels May Choose To Incarnate For A Great Purpose. We Honor Their Power And Service.

Travel Beyond This Universe

Archangels are the only beings who travel outside our 12 dimension universe and back again. They interact with beings on a scale than most are unaware of. Overseers of creation. Immense cosmic beings who oversee galactic-level systems, and don’t interact with lower beings directly.

The Lives of Archangels

Archangels do not have lives like others. They are always meeting, visiting other planets and galaxies. They have no specific HOME. They’re not created in a stationary place. When not incarnated, Archangels and Pleiadians have friendly interactions. They come to Taygeta if there is a reason. They are spread throughout many galaxies and go where they are needed.

Archangels usually wear a light silvery blue. When traveling in Crafts they wear ethereal, flowing robes. When visiting they are more casual and wear loose silky white or light blue pants and long kimono-like top. They sometimes play games with the adults and children.

Archangels can fly but have no wings. They stand at about 6ft but are able to project their bodies to massive heights as they travel through galaxies without a craft (40-100ft or whatever size they choose). They can stay in one spot and converse with another in the middle of space.