Akatu - Earth-Native Souls

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Understanding Fully That All Life Is God Expressing In Form And In The Formless Will Take You To The Beginning Of Earth Souls. Those That Were Born On Earth, Died In Body And Lived On. We Will Discuss These Souls And Their Progression As They Journey Still. These Are The Souls That Were Not Created In Perfect Physical Beauty With Abilities To Thrive As Those In The Higher Realms.

Just The Same, All Were Sacred In Their Beginning And Will Remain With Sacred Essence Infinitely.

Bodies Were Frail With Little Muscle Development As They Were Arriving From Source On Planet Earth That Was Created Almost Five Billion Years Ago. They Lived Moments, Hours, Days And Weeks And Returned Over And Over With The Breath Of God. Eating Grass And Leaves Or Insects, They Were Learning Of The Power To Survive.

With Feelings, Blood And Bone, The Soul Came Forth In Each. Infants Were Born As Mothers Died In Childbirth. Tribes Were Formed To Care For One Another. In Open Land They Died In Drought, Floods, Cold And Heat.

Learning To Make Fire, They Survived With Eating And Cooking Small Animals. Starvation Drove Them To Fight And Kill One Another. Instinct Rose And Only The Strong Could Survive. Fishing With Their Hands Gave A New Way To Find Food.

Using Leaves And Branches From Trees And Bushes, They Created Clothing For Warmth And Protection. Finding Larger Animals They Fought To The Death Or Won The Victory And Had Food For The Tribe And Clothing From Animal Skins. They Painted Their Faces With Berries And Flower Stains And Chanted In Sounds Understood By One Another.

Since The Beginning Of Earth, They Roamed And Cycled Back To Earth In Reincarnation. Those That Became Stronger Needed Teaching And Felt Alone On A Barren Planet. Thirty Million Years Ago, The Galactic Federation Had Been Watching And Listening To Those In Such Need. They Arrived And Approached Many As Tribes Ran And Hid From The Beings From The Sky.

With Love And Patience The Members Of The Light Forces Brought Vegetables And Flowers To Seed The Earth. The Tribes Were Taught To Make Colorful Pottery And To Weave Soft Material To Cover The Body And To Sleep With Comfort.

The Galactic Federation Cracked Rocks And Made Streams For Abundant Water Supplies And Taught Them To Find Water Throughout The Earth. Huts Were Created With Mud And Grass And The People Began To Smile. The Tribes Thought Flowers Were Magnificent And This Made The Fairies Who Came With The Galactic Federation Very Happy Indeed! They Made The Flowers Glow In The Center And The Tribes Would Jump And Dance In Joy!

Life Continued With Many Trips In Motherships Bringing Large Animals And More Beautiful Gardens Of Vegetables. Fear Left The Tribes As They Waited For The Magical Beings From The Sky. They Felt Love.

Sounds Of Language Was Used But More Structure Was Needed. A Combination Of The Languages Of The Races Of The Galactic Federation Began To Blend With The Indigenous Tribes. Around The Earth, Many Languages Were Forming And Dialects Were Heard In Beauty.

The Galactic Federation Were Messengers Of Light And Their Intention Was To Raise The Frequency Of Those Living On Earth To Sustain Themselves In A Far Greater Capacity. When Death Came By Body, The Galactic Federation Created A Beautiful Haven In Nonphysical To Welcome Each Soul In Love. Understanding Their Creation And Those That Loved Them, They Learned Of The Source That Created All Life.

Over And Over They Chose To Return To Earth. As Origins From Elohim Created Stars Visited Earth And Chose To Incarnate In Human Form, The Native Souls Became Intertwined With Them In Love And With Creating Families. Those Of Star Origins Returned Home But Many Chose To Return To Earth Many Times For Experience And Expanded Consciousness. Always Choosing To Forget Their Origin, They Became Fully Invested In Earth Life For Moments In Timelessness.

The Native Souls Are Sacred And Now Part Of The Grand Family As Many Have Starseeds As Family. As The Earth Shifts, These Beloved Souls Will Have Choices To Remain On The New Earth, Or Travel On With Those Souls That They Know So Well. They Have Shared Life, Their Blood, The Birth Of Infants And The Death Of The Body With Galactic Visitors That Have Taught Them About The Great Light Of An Unseen God!

All Life Is Created By The Light Of One Source!

Together We Are One!

I Love You So!